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August 01, 2015


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hi Simon.Today i had an ielts exam. I have a question regarding to reading section. Is it ok to write" False" if in question it says" Only" but in passage there is nothing about only??Thanks in advance

to Visual
probably the answer is more likley to be not given in this case .please can you tell what was topic of task 2 about

No Maya. I dont think so . Because all the words were same except only. There was not only in passage thats why i got confused. Task 2 was " the most important decision for a young person has to make is which career to follow" if i am not wrong..

Hello every one,

I found your 5-sentence paragraph full of worthwhile phrases following some of them:
- attach great importance to sth
- take pride in (doing) sth
- come into contact with sb
- treat sb/sth with respect
- applicable to
- a variety of sth

I look forward to receiving your new lessons.

hi sir my one friend had gotten topic about describing scientific advertisement that show on tv

Samira when?

Simon please help me. here is :Rag dolls refer generically to dolls made of any fabric. Cloth dolls refer to a subset of rag dolls made of linen or cotton.---> if in question it says that "cloth dolls are made of only linen or cotton".Is that true of false? Please i am looking forward for your feedback

@vusal mammdiv
That was true

Yes Simon. I definitely agree that your approach of writing works very well in the exam. All we need to do is to keep practising in that style BEFORE the exam, and check the essay, perhaps by an English teacher, to find where can be improved and where the mistakes are.

Thank you for your efforts and passion.

James Z.

Pls help me sir. I hv given ielts test today nd due to time i didnt write your faithfully at the end of formal letter. Pls tell me abt tht

Hi Simon ,
when the question just says " what are your views?" ,we should answer like agree /disagree?

this week...what can we speak in this topic??

Dear Simon,
below are my questions about which conditional in an essay what you were writing.

I believe that young people would lead happier lives if they had a more 'old-fashioned 'sense of community and neighbourliness. is it mixed conditional?

another question is may I add such as

e.g. I believe that young people would lead happier lives if they had a more 'old-fashioned 'sense of community and neighbourliness such as, be a good neighbours is willing to help others while one's in need, likely look after one's children, or keep the tidy and clean of the community area.

To add those sentences is appropriate?
If yes, is it development paragraph?

Thanks in advanced

Simon,some phrases or collocations were noticed form your paragrph:
1.be applicable to...
2.attach great importance to doing sth
3.take pride in one's work
4.enter competitive job market
5.politeness/good manners
6.in globalised world
7.come into contact with people
8.a huge variety of
9. it is more important than ever to do sth
10.treat sb with respect
11.lead happier lives
12.I believe that...would do...,if ...did(were)(subjective mood)
13.have a more"old-fashioned"sense of community and neighbourliness

be certainly applicable to

attach great importance to working hard

take pride in

globalized world

a huge variety of backgrounds


more old fashioned sense of

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