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August 02, 2015


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Hi frnds, pls help me, i hv given ielts test and due to shortage of time i didnt write yours faithfully at the end of formal letter. Pls tell me abt tht

That's exactly the case!

Thank you Simon!

James Z.

Hi, I need some one to help my

is this sentence correct,

Also the need for more animal studies cannot be stopped because there are some diseases until now scientists did not discover effective cure for them.


Hi simon~
1.Task1: should we write at a glance of instead of the gragh compares; will the former one get the higher score?
2.If the score is 6, how could I achieve 7?
3.Is that ok to write same word many times in writing?
Thanl you!

hi Haider,

an effective cure

In case, it cannot be stopped of animal testing because there are some diseases until now scientists did not discover an effective cure for them.


1. No. 'At a glance' means a very very quick look. How can you analyse a chart fully with a 'quick look'? Don't use this expression.

2. The answer to this question is too long to write here. In short, halve your grammatical errors, eliminate 'unnatural English' and answer questions clearly.

3. No. There are two reasons. Firstly, it can mean you lack a range of vocabulary. Secondly, it can mean you are not 'referencing' which means using words like 'it' 'this' 'they' etc. This affects your CC score.


Thank you sjm :)

Hi all,
I have a question about a topic: Nowadays, people like watching sports on television, rather than taking part in sports themselves. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

My question is, how to address the second part of the sentence "rather than..."? Should I merely discuss the advantages and disvantages of watching sports on television, or do I need to refer to taking part in sports themselves to make a comparison?

I guess you should discuss both the view making comparisons highlighting positive and negative aspects. ( benefits of taking part in sports etc ) Then give your point of view in the next paragraph

So wonderful. Think about reasons, consequences and examples!

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