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August 13, 2015


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The charts illustrate that the construction planner of the school, building school building 3 for meet students' capacity, to constructive the car parks for more space for parking, and one more sports field in forest of the school in the future of 2014 in order to replace the one old of the past year in 2004

Can I write my conclusion like this?

Overall, there will have small changes and facilities to be added in 2024 in order to accommodate the large volume of students as well as to meet their needs.

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The diagram shows the plan for the school campus area differ according to the student strength in the future .
It is clear that the changes in school facilities will be extended I order to future accommodation of students . The most noticeable changes are additional school building , car parking will be constructed . And the new road will be made from entrance building to the car parking area which passes through the school building 2 and 3 .
Additionally the school building 1 and 2 will be combined with common pathway which were the separate building as per the current student strength . The sports field will be newly constructed in the park area below the car parking 2 .

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The diagrams describe that the construction planner of the school, build the addition building and more facility for the number of students volume in the 2024 , however, this is new school site differ from the old one in 2004

It is clear that the building layout included the school building 3 with its new path , car park 2 with its new main road , and sports field relocated of the south in the campus but the less space ,however, it is noticed that the school building 3 with its new path and the more large parking space for vehicles volume will be constructed in the future and both are site on old sports field, moreover, the new passageway between school building 2 and 1 ,And the new path will be constructed to access the school building 1 and 2 ,

on the other hand, the new drawing in 2024 is clearly noticed that the new main road from the parking space 2 would be along two constructions to design which are the school building 1 and 2 ,until it is down to the main gate of the school.Beside, it also passes through the smaller sports field in the campus.

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the building plan

and sports field relocated to the left of the campus

both are sited in the old sports field,

And the new path will be constructed to access school building 1 and 2

the first picture shows school buildings in 2004 and the second shows the changes would be made in 2024.
the most noticeable change will be a new school building instead of sport field which will be taken to south of the new road that will connect the main entrance with a new park behind the new building

Chart illustrates the school diagram for year in 2004 and new proposed diagram for year 2024.
Total number of student in year 2004 was 600 and it’s expected to increase by another 400 by year 2024. So accordingly School authority planned to change the layout area to accommodate new students.

In 2024 planned to construct new school building which in building number 3 in place of sports field .
Sports filed will be shifting towards south of the new building 3. School also planned to increase number of car parking area. Same has planned to locate next to new school building which is towards right of it.

Car parking 2 is linked to main entrance via newly road. Building 1 and Building 2 will be interconnected via a path.

The diagram illustrates the changes of school environment between 2004 and 2009, in order to accommodate the increasing number of students from 600 to 1000 pupils.
It is clear that the school accommodation and facilities have been expanded. The most noticeable developments are the construction of new school building and the relocation of sports field.
Looking at two maps in more detail, we can see that the new school building has been built in the former sports field which named school building 3, while sports area has been moved to the forest area in the middle of school site. The rest of former sport field which was not used for the new building has been changed to forest area. Another physical structure that has been added is a building that connects between school building 1 and school building 2.
As well as the new building and the relocation of sports field as mention above, there also developments on car park, road and path. There is an additional car park in the back of school building 3, which labeled with car park 2. To connect main entrance to car park 2, there is a new road that has been built besides school building 2. Finally, the previous path that connect main entrance and sports field has been cut, so it only connect the school building 1 and 2 to school building 3.

And the previous path has been cut executed, reuse it instead of bypass the new building 3 to cut across the two structures of which building 1 and 2

Introduction: The diagrams of school site show the layout in 2004 and projection in 2024.
In 2004, the layout had two school building which was separated by path which connects the sports field and main entrance. The main entrance was merged with car park.
In 2024, the school building 1 and 2 will be interlinked. The sports field will be occupied by new building called school building 3 which will be connected by a small path start from interlinked building. The sports field will be moved towards south side of the premises and the size will be reduced. The new car park called car park 2 will be added adjacent to school building, which connects the main entrance car park by road. The road will connect the main entrance and car park 2, which come in between the school building 2 and the sports filed. The projection of 2024 is to increase the student headcount up to 1000, whereas the student headcount was 600 in 2004, and expanding/rearranging the places according to the headcount for ease of access.
Conclusion: The school site will be rearranged to occupy the increase in strength.

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the diagram shows the appearance in the site of school in year 2004 and it can be predicted for the layout in year 2024.

It can be clearly seen that there will be more students coming to the school site and an addition of school building 3.

According to the diagram, there were three main buildings in 2004, namely school building 1, school building 2 and sports field and it covered 600 students. sports field is connected with the path and took place between the school building 1 and 2. the road and carpark were in front of the main entrance.

comparing with year 2024, there will be a more school building 3 and it is predicted to be replaced by sports field.moreover, the path will be a main connection among three buildings and it is shorter than in 2004. the number of students will definitely increase to 1000 students so that it should have one more carpark.a new road will connect to the carpark 2 and the sport field will be crossed of this new road.


The first diagram shows the original school site in 2004. The second diagram shows the proposed school site in 2024 after reconstruction.

The reconstruction is aimed to expand the whole campus. First of all and clearly identified, one whole new school building: school building3 will be built on the original site of sports field. Sports field will be reduced in area and moved to the eastern side of school building2.

A new road will be built along the school building2 and lead a way from main entrance to sports field and new car park:car park2. Car park2 will be settled behind school building3.

The planned school site in 2024 will be able to accommodate 1000students compared to 600 students currently in 2004.

Two diagrams demonstrates the changes to the school site within 20 years from 2004 to 2024.

It is clear that the most profound changes are going to take place in school complex itself. It is also noticeable that transport infrastructure will be improved.

Looking at the buildings first, school buildings 1 and 2 are going to be linked with a corridor. Furthermore, according to the plan another new school building will be constructed so that it will replace the sports area, which in turn will be moved to the south.

With regard to transportation, another car parking area will be located just near the third new school building. This car park will be connected with the main road arteria via a new road which will go around the whole school complex.

Finally, it is expected that the results of the reconstruction will allow enrolling up to 400 new students in addition to existing 600.

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