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September 13, 2015


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This statement has greatly motivated me! Yup, we should not give up. Just make another try!

I am one of the victim of this test I done several times
Now I gave up!! Frustrated, cried a lot , now I can't
Bear any more!!

Yes. Never give up and go ahead. I personally have great confidence that my efforts will pay off sooner or later.

I am also frustrated by some people who make us to intimidate to give ielts exam.but we should not fear and give up.nobody born with it (english).go ahead and make target that we have decided. Thanks

I came up with a pretty funny phrase today describing candidates failed many times, especially those who are required a comparatively high score - IELTS victims.

Sadly, I happen to be a member of those victims. It's challenging to make improvement in China without an English speaking environment. The only thing I can do is to keep practising with Simon's lessons. I really wish I could pass IELTS as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot! I need to hear that, I'm one of those who face a struggle in the IELTS exam. I did the exam several times but I need a high score which is 7 but I don't think I am able to get it! My weakness is in both reading and listening. Simon I'll be thankful If you give me any advice to improve my reading and listening skills.

We fail only when we give up :)

Dear Simon
I am writing to ask you a piece of advice on reading part. Actually, questions that we have to answer "NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS" or even "NO MORE THAN FOUR WORLDS" which are gaining popularity these days, looks me enough challenging, because it is not clear to me how to answer it. Are we eligible to make any change in the text or we just have to choose a part of the text. Here is two example.
- How often should you clean the coffeemaker?
According to the text the answer is "monthly". But the correct answer is "Once a month", which you can't find in the text.
another example?
- when can you call the company for assistance?
The answer should coming from this part: "if your coffeemaker suffer any type of malfunction, just call our free customer service line at ..., 24 hours a day.
And the correct answer is "anytime". This really make me confused.
Thank you for all your assistance.

Best Regards,


Dear Simon
I completely agree with Maryam.I came across many times to that problem. Please help us.
Many thanks.

I saw an IELTS's poster in a test center. It says ' IELTS opens the door for me', but I think IELTS stop me from achieving my goals.

It's really a frastruted process when I am preparing the IELTS test.But I feel much progress in this two aspect. I regard it as an opportunity to improve my English, which will be a part of my life and work.

For me, it is simple, by doing this test, I will improve my english as well as increase my knowlege of the west countries, thanks Simon so much!, best regard

Thanks a lot for those encouraging words Mr Simon. It's a real booster for me at this time.

hi dear all,
good news , pls go to youtube type the
cambridge ielts 10 , you will find what you need
don't give up , but I will say doing ielts with wisely, trusting / obeying


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Best wishes

Hi everyone
I am prepairing to ielts exam. I want to pass my exam in January thats why I need a skype partner to improve my speaking ability. I got 4,5 score in speaking section last month. I want to upgrade myself.

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hi, simon, i have a question to ask you. after 2 years and 7 attempts i have finally managed to get 7 in writing but i was shocked to see my result because i got 6 in listening. previously i scored 8.5 four times in listening. i cant believe this because i know my listening part was not that bad. i never scored below 7.5 in all my attempts. should i go for remarking? and another question, does it matter if you write your listening answers starting with capital letters. for example, i wrote Eggs instead of eggs . or School with capital or like this school. thanks in advance.
aqsam shahbaz

Change to PTE TEST it will be easier for some people

I agree with Simon's ideas that IELTS is about vocabulary test. For example, for reading test, I can improve from 6.5 to 8 using the same technique that Simon's suggest. But, studying IELTS is not something that you can learn overnight, it needs months or even a year for me. The key is practice and perseverance. Good Luck guys.

Sorry Simon, but Im also confused about "the number of + Plural N" and "the numbers of + Plural noun". Which verb we must use after these phrases (plural or singular)

Hi Simon,is there any mistake regarding grammar or wording from that message left for you by facebook?

Maryam,where did you see those questions and answers? Which Cambridge IELTS book? 4/5/6/7/8/9/10? From A or G?

Hi Maryam,

I have the same question as KK - where do those questions come from? In real Cambridge tests, the answer is always in the passage.



Yes, there are one or two little mistakes.

thanks for your post. it encourages me so much because I know many people also have the same problem like me.

Dear Simon
It is the book name:
In general training module, test 1, question 13-14

Also, today, i find another sample, again from one of Baron's book. It is the book name:
Dr. Lin Lougheed
Geneeral training module page 283. Question number 7.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Best Regards

@Altay , I can practice with you

Hi Maryam,

This is the problem with books that aren't the official IELTS books. In the official tests, the answer is always a word from the passage - you never have to use your own words.

I have test on 21 july ...but i have doubt abt reading...i practiced from 2 months...but i get around 22 on or above 2o...seldomly.i get 25..if easy wording come..what to do? Plz give me any solution..

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