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September 05, 2015


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Thank you

Thank you Mr. Simon

Hi Simon,

I wonder if I don't indent in writing task 1, will I be penalized?
About the Introduction and the Overview, can I group them together, not to divide them into 2 paragraphs?

Please kindly reply.
Thank you teacher!


In both writing tasks, don't indent but make sure you leave an empty line between paragraphs. This makes it much easier for the examiner to see your paragraphing.

As for grouping the introduction and overview together, don't do it. There is absolutely no benefit if you do so, and there are two benefits if you separate them:

1. They perform different functions so they deserve separate paragraphs
2. It also helps the examiner quickly spot the overview, which is an essential requirement

I often made such a mistake myself. Thanks a lot

Thanks for helping us!

Dear Simon,

I am a bit confused whether or not to include a conclusion paragraph at the end of Task 1.

The thing is, advice given in official »Road to IELTS« tutorial (for Task 1) is that it is essential to write a final paragraph where you state the overall trend in 1-2 lines. In addition, tutorial says that you will get a low mark if you do not write a conclusion paragraph.

On the other hand, you recommend us to start with introduction paragraph, continue with overview paragraph and finish with two detailed paragraphs.

I would greatly appreciate your opinion about this.

Kindest regards,

Hi Simon,

I've been reading this tips recently and its very helpful. I mean, as I go back with my previous writings in task 1, I noticed my errors that even our instructor in the review didn't notice.

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