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September 29, 2015


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Thanks Simon ,
I really appreciate your work, it's very helpful preparing ielts exame with your daily lessons. I'm following these tricks and I'm finding remarked improvement in all parts of ielts .
God bless you.

I believe this seems too difficult but I am going to do it daily starting with short record . Thank you for your daily advices

It is my invaluable experience in the purpose of enhancing your listening mark.

After providing yourself with a real circumstances and also calculating your score, turn to your errors in order to find a correct answer without seeing the answers. Then after realizing your mistakes precisely just go to coincidentally listening the track and reading a transcript so as to become familiar with every odd structure and vocabulary. In fact, you are increasing your both writing and listening skills.

Best wishes.

Thanks Simon

I am praticing this method. listen-and-write.com is a useful website to do this.

It is a big problem among us that is unfamiliar with different accents, perhaps some of us their pronunciation are strange, inaccurate.

Thanks simon for posting this valuable advice. do you have nay podcasts or videos that can be used to get started with as lot of them are available in the internet but all would not have better clarity

Hi Simon . I have problem in general reading . How I improve . I cannot management time . I could not complete 40 question in
An hour. . I always took more time . What I will do . Plz tell me . Thanks

Thank you very much
You have a excellent website full of great advises.
I have just started to prepare myself for IELTS exam. as a first step i tested listening ability of myself with practice tests of IELTS, in 3 listening test, i got 5.5 which i think it is a very low mark. I want to improve my abilities in all sections of the exam so i invite learners to voice chat in whatsapp: +98-938-432-7257

I was practicing this technique in two months before my exam, it improved my listening skill drammatically. Thank you very much Simon.
Also, I found an app that is really good for transcribing, you could try it...ELP Player - https://appsto.re/vn/xPNocb.i

Hi Simon
I don't know what i can used of this Technic?
Can you say me what is this?
I know i should write what that I hear.
But I don't know what it is possible?
For example when I hear a audio more than 5 second, I forget what that it says.
Plz help me

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