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September 08, 2015


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What about we could try to get a opinion about the hot topic at the moment in the world, about the refugees?

Money rules the world!
Great presentation!Thanks!

Dear Simon,
You had uploaded this video clip couple of years ago!!!!

we do not need to fly to moon,concentrate on earth

Well noticed Mahmoud. I do sometimes republish old lessons!

Hi Simon,
I'm so sorry to bother you.
Infact, I've downloaded all of your exquisiting files in Listening section since 4 years ago.

Dear Simon,
Many thanks for your great presentations! But I have some questions : what special listening skills are trained by listening to the materials such as speeches and documentaries? Is it necessary to make sure that every word is heard clearly?

It will be much appreciated if you can give some instructions or suggestions.

Dear Simon,

I am great fan of your great resources for IELTS preparation.

I have noticed that, in listening section, i face the following problems.

1. In most of the case, i make mistake for hyphened words. Such as, "note-taking"......... can you please help me by providing any link (suggestion or resource) to improve this weakness?

2. I feel so much terrible whenever i notice that, my answer is wrong because of "s" at the end of the word. I try to improve this weakness. Even in my writing, i am also confused about using of "s/es". What should i do?

Hope you will suggest me the possible solution.

just awesome work by simon

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