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September 04, 2015


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That's exactly the case!

I came across a question regarding the name of my favourite book in childhood. Actually, I wasn't able to give a direct answer because I rarely read books as a boy. That bad performance really demoralised me.

Everyone here, please keep in mind the lesson Simon's been providing. I can say for 100% sure that everything in this blog matters.
As long as you keep practising, your effort will pay off.

Thank you Simon!

1) When i was child, i used to listen music but not anymore.

2) I used to listen more of dance songs when i was young.

3) I haven't got a chance to attend a live concert.

4) In concert there is lots of noise apart from actual music so you cannot enjoy actual music that's why i will not go to concert.

1. Honestly, I am not been keen on music.
2. At school I used to listen to pop-music, just as any of my groupmates.
3. I've never been at a live concert, that would be a torture for me.
4. I'm definitely not a person of art, I can't play or sing, so I don't think I would enjoy such an event.

* been is mistaken
1. Honestly, I am not keen on music

There is a question in part 1 that I really can't understand, "Do you think your job will be improved in the future?". Does "job" in this question means the industry, or does it means my position in the company?

I like listening to music sometimes.

I always prefer classical music, the ones soothing in kind, now and when I was young.

Quite recently I attended a concert.

No, I don't think a live music show would ever suite me.

1. To be honest, I don't like music. Maybe because I have many other hobbies without music.
2. I remember when I was young,I used to listen to a lot of songs for children but now not anymore.
3. I can't even remember, maybe 1 year ago.
4. If someone invite me to go with, I will accept. If not, i will never go alone.

1/ I do not usually listen to music. I prefer watching movie
2/ I have not listened to music for a long time. As i remember, "Remember when" was the last song that i heard and i think it is a country music song
3/ the last concert that i attended was 5 years ago. it's a my company party.
4/ it depends on the kind of this show. If it's free, i will try!

Dear Simon,

You are right.that is exactly what i feel when it comes to music or films.i dont like them very much, dint have much time.
Regarding these questions if i say: I like classic songs and i like those with slow tone and good words, i mean i am looking for the quality. In this case,is my answer out of topic as i included rhe woed"song"? In other words, in these questions, do they mean pure music or songs?

Best regards and wishes

Another thing: What does last question mean? To attend a live show as one of the audience or to play an instrument?
And in this case, if i didnt understand the exact meaning of a question, can i ask the examiner what do you mean by music songs or music like Beethoven? Does this question affect my score?
I appreciate any attempt to answer my queries.
Good luck to all.

1. I'm afraid that I don't like music very much. I seldom listen to music.
2. I used to listen to pop music when I was teenager. At that time, I specially loved a couple of songs of Michael Jackson.
3. As I remember, the latest concern that I attended was about 3 years ago.
4. A live music is quite noisy to me and I also don't like the crowd. That's why I prefer to listen to music at home rather than come to a concert.

Neutral opinion:

1.I know that many people around the world like music, all kinds of music. For me, at present, i am not sure whether i like it or not because i find it's difficult to absorb contemporary musics.
2.When i was young, i usually listened to pop or rock ballad music and felt very comfortable with that kind of music.
3.In my country, there was rarely a concert being organized. And, unfortunately, i have never had a chance to go to a concert so far. :)
4.Before, i wish i had a chance to attend to a live music show to enjoyed the sound and the crowd. But now, when i am older, i would like to stay at home, turn on the audio system and being faded into the sound other than appear in the live music show. :)

Thanks for reading :))

To be frank, I am not a big fan of music.
I used to listen pop music when I was teenage.
I've never been to any live coney, because it's hard to bear the loud music.
I would like to have a try and to experience a live music one day.

1- I don't like musics as much as I used to. You know, because I've been studying I would rather to spend learning new things than listening to musics.
2- If my memory serves me correctly, I can say to you that I was mad about pop music which I think this sort of lyrics really were such exciting ones that I was almost always the one for buying all pop tracks.
3- Honestly, I have never ever been in a concert. For this contact I have no experience to describe something about there. I hope that I will have booked a ticket for an exquisiting play by the next couple of months.
4-No. I don't think so. I've got used to purchasing a DVD of different kind of shows rather than being part of a live program. Infact, neither I nor my family do tend to go to see a performance closely.

1. Most of the people in the world more or less like music. To be honest i do not like music very much.i am a student so i do not get lots free time. When i get free time i prefer watching movies to listening music.
2. in my childhood i liked to listen pop and rock music.
3.There was rarely being organized a concert in my country so i have not got any chance to go concert.
4.i would not like to participate any live music show because i am not a singer otherwise i can not play any musical instruments.overall i do not like noisy place.

1: yes i like music a bit,I love to listening to music in my free times but rarely.
2: I fancy pop music.I remembered i was a big fan of Micheal jackson at my young age.
3:well,I attend only a concert through my whole past life and that was a big concert of the town many singer were performing there and it was about 5 years ago.
4:To be very honest i would love to participate being a singer because i feel my voice is so melodious.

1. Well, I am really not a big fan of music. However, whenever I feel stressful, listening to music is one of my favorite choice to relieving the strain
2. It is very interesting that I was not really keen on modern music when I were young. I preferred listening classical music like soul, jazz, instrumental music to modern one like hip hop, dance…
3. Such a long time ago since my last time going to the musical concert. It was an instrumental music whether there are various kind of musical instrument, for instance, piano, violin, flute, drum, viola…
4. If I have a chance to join it with my friends, I am very happy to participate in a live music show. In the event that I have to go alone, I think I will stay at home to watch the telecast

(Assumption: I have no interest in music at all.)

1. Honestly I'm not a big fan of music. I only listen to music very occasionally, but many of my friends literally can't live without music.

2. Music wasn't as popular as it is nowadays. The only impression that I had about music in my childhood was that my kindergarten teacher played the song of alphabets - you know, the ABC song for kids or even toddlers.

3. Well actually, I haven't been to any concert. On the one hand, I think concert tickets are unreasonably steep and on the other hand, I'm not keen on music personally.

4. By "participating in", do you mean as an audience member or a member on the stage? Without doubt, I wouldn't go on stage because I'm absolutely tone-deaf, but if my friends strongly recommend a concert, I suppose I'll give it a shot then.

To be honest, I am not keen on music at all. One of the reason may be that I have not listened to music for a long time and did not follow what kind of people are hearing nowsaday. In the childhood, if I could remember exactly, I only heard some folk songs sang by my mother, who truly loves singing.

I never went to a concert before because I do not really understand the sort of musics. However, if I have a chance to partake in a concert and have someone to educate me before the show, I am willing to try it once.

On the other hand, I would love to join in a live music show. The reasons are, firstly I like the crowd due to its energy and the vibrant sound effect. Secondly, my girlfriend love going to there and I like to spend time with her on her farvorite activity.

I'm not one for listening to music all day long, but I don't mind when I was jogging alone and listen to the french song with my iPod.

In my teenager, I listened the Japanese song because my grandmother would like to turn the volume aloud as possible as she can .

Last summer, I went to a concert for my brother's Graduation performances it was alive music show of the opera house

I am not a big fan of a live music, but sometimes I need to attend the alive music, such as families gathers together for my brother's solo or his band performs in public .

I really like all music.
When I was a young, I am familiar with classic songs because my parents was listening it at the time.
I went to ASEAN and Japan Traditional Music performance concert show last month.
I would like to participate in music concert with singing and feeling in melody.

Dear All,

I am from India.

I am going to give my academic exam at the end of this month. So, if anyone post academic speaking questions here that would be great.

Thanks in advance.

Hi everyone, I took a speaking practice test with a friend and recorded it. I discovered that everything didn't last up to 7 mins. I'm I doing wrongly? should my sentences be longer?

hey simon
today i just finished my speaking test, i don't think i have done a good job in 1 minute talk and i guess i did good in topic 3 and topic 1. how bad it will be affected my ielts speaking score, will i be able to get good score i mean at least 6.5?
in topic 2: my topic is
describe what would do if you get day off in your work or college?

i explained it ok but i did repeat some of my sentence, i guess its not good?

could you please tell me how it will effect my score?

I am like it music in Hindi and Punjabi songs but they have today for Punjabi music listening don't like this English

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