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September 11, 2015


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hey simon
today i just finished my speaking test, i don't think i have done a good job in 1 minute talk and i guess i did good in topic 3 and topic 1. how bad it will be affected my ielts speaking score, will i be able to get good score i mean at least 6.5?
in topic 2: my topic is
describe what would do if you get day off in your work or college?

i explained it ok but i did repeat some of my sentence, i guess its not good?

could you please tell me how it will effect my score?

Your answers are really inspiring, thanks alot!

thank you Simon . good answers

Dear Simon,
Here is your nice and thoughtful sentences:
1-I've every been interested in.
2-remember listening
3-must have heard
4-take much notice of it.
5-try going
6- to see an orchestra playing
7-find myself performing

Thank youuuuuuuuuuu

Hi simon
i have attended for my speaking test today
all i want to ask is what will happen if we leave in between the speaking test and i don't remember that my examiner did say "ok thats the end of the exam", when i heard that 'ok' i stood up and and said thanks and left the room

can you tell me is it possible to left the room before finishing the exam?

Dear Mr. Simon.
I have been being very excited whenever seeing your answers of all skills. Thank you for your best advices and the lessons. I just confuse about your model answers of speaking skill that Whether all the structures and the vocabularies or phrase of your speaking model answers are suitable with writting?"
Please reply to me. Thank you so much. Have a nice day!

any body east of the world had today exam 12 sep 2015 and give us idea about it.. thank u

Thanks for simon's scarifice in order to show us the usage of negative answers.and by the way, we know that you do like music!!!lol!!!


I've just corrected a mistake that I made in this lesson - I wrote "every" instead of "ever" in my first answer.

I am looking for a speaking buddy.
My skype name is adrlmz.Add me and lets practice :)

If I make an error during the speaking part, can I correct myself or I will have my points taken anyway?

Hi Simon .plz u will tell the answer about any sky moment . When where why . What is sky moment. Last time this cue card question come atmy friend . So I want to ask what is best answer. Thanks

Fantastic.....I do like music, by the way...

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