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September 25, 2015


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Name: Mai Anh Pham
Email: pma3112@yahoo.com
Topic: Describe something you did in your life that was a success.

The biggest success in my life was that I passed the in-put university examination.

After graduating high school, every my classmates and I also wanted to study in the university. However, the in-put university examination was very difficult.
I applied to Foreign Trade University, that was one of the most difficult input examinations.
I usually studied all day and even overnight. I went to the library to study in the daytime, and after my dinner, I studied to the middle night by myself.
3 subjects for this examination were English, Math and Literature, I found the Math was the most difficult. I had to do exercises everyday. However I spent most time for English since I liked it most. For English, I had to usually do grammar exercises. For Literature, I practiced debating essays every day.
After my hard studying, I passed this examination and went to study in Foreign Trade University. I was very happy since my dream came true. My mom hold a party to celebrate my success.

Hi all,
This is my today speaking questions in Iran:
describe a time that you looked at sky and enjoyed a lot.
where,when,whom, your feeling
how technology can help people gaze stars?
should children be taught about sky and stars and planets at school?
what are benefits from reading about reading sky issues?

I am going to talk about my goal and how I achieved. for 6 years I was studying in K university in first year I chose my major and I was frightening for many things . first of all my subject was rear that not help me to find Jop opportunity second reason it need searches that want high expenditures indeed I didn't have enough financial support, how ever I ignored all difficult and I kept going because I like this subject. when I scussed I felt like own all the world and it make me stronger than before also taught me fight for me dream

The success that I would like to talk about is passing the national judicial examination. This is one of the most difficult examinations in China, and if you pass this exam, you will be qualified to be a judge, prosecutor or a lawyer in China.

I attended the examination on September 2014 which was the fourth year of my college. The examination involves 15 laws to be tested so there were really innumerous stuff to recite and a lot of exercise to do. Most of my classmate would spare half a year to prepare the examination beforehand. But for me, there were only three months left and I had to make a correct plan and executed it exactly, otherwise I wouldn’t have enough time for the exam.

The big challenge for me to prepare the exam is to recite a huge amount of stuff in a short period and everyday from 7 am to 10 pm, I had to keep my mind clear and get myself ready to recite and exercise any testing points that may occur in the exam. At that time, I didn’t contact any friends of mine, shut off all social networks, totally devoted myself to the preparation and even didn’t talk much to my parents every day.

The examination is divided into four parts and lasts for two days. After the exam, waiting for the outcome is another disgusting thing for me. Two month later, when I got the news that I passed the exam at midnight, I was too excited to sleep. It was really a thing that could increase my confidence and a prerequisite for me to become a lawyer in my career.


When I have taken my Nurse License Examination and be able to successfully passed the exam. Having a license in practicing my profession as a nurse is a way of legal action protecting my-self as well as my patient.

Acquiring a license as nurse is very important because it is the main requirement before I can practice my profession as a nurse. I did got my license last November 2009 and followed by taking my Oath as Nurse.

It was very challenging because the exam given was very difficult, almost all answers in the multiple choice questions are common. I have to understand every detailed data and questions given to be able to know and choose the best answer for the question. For 6 months of review and exam exercises I was able to withstand the difficulties and challenges given by our reviewer. I offered my sacrifices to study hard and devoted my time on my review.

Now, the sacrifices paid-off because I passed the exam and I was very happy and satisfied with the results. My parents were very proud of me, that now I am a successful individual ready to practice my profession as a nurse having my license.

I remember I was enthusiastic about pursing my academic education, whereas on that time that i am talking about studying in the university for girls was not as popular as today. For example I was not allowed to apply for the universities out of the capital, because of my parent opposition. I struggled with difficult lessons such as maths and statistics as long as I was trying to convince my family that I would not leave them. In spite of several challenges, with assist of one of math teacher, who was really kind, I passed this problem. I can't forget the day of publishing the result. When I find my name I forgot all the challenges that I was encountered. This story backs to near to two decades ago, when I started my student life to take bachelor degree.

Well ,I think ,getting an admission in the Medicine was one of my lifetime achievements during those years.I can still visualise that Moment when I was so happy,confident and emotional.I completed my secondary school and right after that I had to sit for an entrance examination which was held by national educational expertise.Before attempting the exam,I always felt that I am not being ready and still wanted to attempt it because I want to acheive things as fast as I can.While I was preparing for exam,I did work with concentration and dedication.i joined a coaching which was lasted for 10 hours each day and I always did revision before going to bed.having some basic knowledge of secondary school subjects and one month training ,I appeared for an exam.Fortunately with some luck factor ,my result turned out to be the best to choose one of the best medical colleges.i still remember how emotional I was,I was almost in tears and cuddling to my parents .At the same time that wave of success made me much more confident to face any of the difficulties in a way.

for this answer can i use the same one as ihave prepared for proudest moment.....like paasing on final exam graduation day


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