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September 24, 2015


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Thank you Simom

Can I ask a few questions. So, is Changing ther "verbs and nouns" means changing subjects? And do the words "dramatically" and "dramatice" , "respectively" and "respective "make up repetition?

Thanks a lot.

Hi Wenjie,

Yes, you'll be forced to change the subject of the sentence. Using different word forms demonstrates good range and flexibility in terms of vocabulary; it isn't considered to be repetition.

PS. To answer another question that you asked, I don't consider "have a powerful impact" to be a cliche. It isn't a phrase that you could use for any topic, and if used in a relevant context, I think it's a phrase that examiners will like.

Hi,Simon,you are the best !

Dear Simon, it took me several attempts before i could secure a long awaited score and all it could become because of one teacher and your strategy to follow in writing section. In fact i got 7 in each in Academic IELTS. Thank u very much. Hopefully, other aspirants will be availing the similar score or more just because of you.

Hi,Simon,first of all, thank you for your amazing website, it’s help me a lot .thank you so much.

Secondly, I want get some advice from you. I did the exam several times, and I have finally managed to get 6.5 overall(on 13 August,7in listing,7.5in Reading), but I got 5.5 in speaking and writing. I scored 6 two times in these bands in the previous test in Melbourne.(This time I took the IELTS test in Mainland China).Also,I think this time I should get at least 6 or 6.5 in writing ,because I study a lot from your website, and I really like your writing style, so I try to imitate it and I do believe this time is much better than last time when I got 6 in writing. Another thing is that I didn’t receive the result until 16 September. I was told that my results were being analyzed(QR). So after about one month I got the results. The University which I going to apply requires no less than 6 in every band of IELTS.So I do not have too much time, so should I go for remarking?One of my teacher told me that once the results were reviewed ,it would be hard to get a higher score when doing the remarking, is that true ?Please provide me with some suggestions on this issue, thanks in advance!

Yours Sincerely,


Congratulations Pukhraj!


Emily, it's a very difficult decision that only you can make. Re-marking sometimes goes well, but other times the scores don't change. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

Dear Simon,
i'm glad to see your essays. I would like to ask you a way of using word that i've found when doing my writing task 1.
The question is that if i have a sentence like " 70% of people ... likely to go shopping on the weekend, 'was' or 'were' should be filled in the blank.
Thank you so much,


it is pretty stressful to do the ielts again and again for 1 module. i did academic 8 times repeatedly in 2012. Until the last attempt my writing was 6.5. i got 7.5 last time and overall 8.
i was using this site and it was very useful and use the tips given by simon.Now i am a GP practicing in Australia. wish you all best. try .. try ...try one day you can fly.

Hi, my nane is Keun Young Hong, and I purchased one of your lectures with life time access . I deleted it by accident. Can you send me it again? My e- mail is ky-beauty@hanmail.net. Thanks.

hey simon,
thank you for fantastic lessons you give here.
here's my question: you usually use the verb see in describing trends. as in: "the UK saw a fall in house prices"
can we use "witness" as well? or would it be too melodramatic?

Sales of the two respective products or
Sales for the the respective products
Which is correct?

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