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September 30, 2015


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Hi Simon,

Is walking up/down the road/street applicable if the street is not sloped?

Also, if that were correct, why is walking down the street more popular than walking up the street?

I will take it as a grant; if somebody makes contribution to give me piece of advice about my writing task2.
Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide.

One of the consequences of improved medical care is that people are giving longer and life expectancy is increasing.
Do you think the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

As a result of medical improvement people experience a longer lifespan, which looked impossible some decades ago. In spite of some concerns that are still involved with this matter, I take it as an advantage.
Initially, it is believed that this trend has had a direct positive impact on family life. Many grandparents, today, engage with growing up their grandsons or granddaughters: an amazing experiment that not only will keep them entertained through being in touch with kids, but also is a great chance for interaction among generations. In addition, this is a prominent assistant for young parents who devote much of their time for intensive working.
Furthermore, modern medical treatments have surprisingly impressed old people’s quality of life. On a daily basis we see enormous old people who have accepted their life responsibility and they live independent; whereas in the past it was not as prevalent as today. My mother is excellent example in this issue, who lives as a diabetic person and she enjoy a good level of health, while in the past it looked almost impossible for diabetic patients.
However, there are still a couple of shortages, in particular from financial aspects. Thanks to the insurance covers many people enjoy these privileges, though still a great number of people don’t have insurance cover, they are, also, not affluent enough to pay the huge cost of medical treatments.
In conclusion, this trend has brought some considerable advantages whether from family life or lifestyle aspects, though some difficulties still remained, particularly about insurance covers.

i don't see any essay about: what are advantages and disadvantages of something? could you introduce this type? which group does this type of question belong to?
1. discussion
2. opinion
i confuse about this? thanks

Hi Simon,

Could I ask a question about memorised stuff?
please see the answering sentences in the introduction below you normally use.

"There are various reasons for this, but measures could be taken to tackle the problem." and "While xxxxx has many benefits, there are also some drawbacks which are worth considering."

is it possible for examiner to think that this is template ? you know, this type of sentence can be used in any question.

looking forward your answer.



Both are fine. There's no logical reason why you hear "walking down the street" more - it's just the way the language has developed.



I have done some lessons on that type if you look back through the older blog posts in the writing category. "Advantages and disadvantages" questions are quite easy - they are asking you to look at 2 sides of an issue, so for me this is a typical "discussion".



It's fine to learn and use those sentence structures. They won't be judged negatively.

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