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September 19, 2015


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Thank you very much Simon . There are plenty of people need such this helping . For example , always people ask which is the best university or institute in Uk , convenient accommodation , information about cities , and so on . If students know the answers about their questions definitely they will feel comfort . Maybe one day I will email you

Dear Simon ,

This was the task 2 question for 19 September

"Many people believe that hard work and determination are the most important factors to get success in life ,others believe that there are several other factors which are more important ."
Discuss both views and give your opinion .

Hello Simon and all people who are preparing for Ielts.

I have got this question for writing task 2, honestly don't know what to write please share your opinion and advise me good ideas .

Some people think that both travelers and business people must have the same attitude to local people and the traditions of countries they visit. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your own opinion.


Thanks so much Simon....you offer great hep for many people who really need...i appreciate it.

Post please join apply ielts da bara jankari da

I want ielts life skills leaval A1.pls can help me .what is exam ielts life skill and you tell me what is syllabus can u prepare to me
Thank you .

Dead Simmon,

I am going to apply for the Univeristy of Manchesfer, and I need some help with the process.

I happen to know that you have some trusted colleagues who would be willing to help.

Please allow me to if they agree to help me with my applications, and thank you very much.

My skype is grayson201186, I sincerely wish to gain some help from you.

Yours, faithfully,

Kyle Tan

Dear Simon

I have bachelor degree and i want to study MBA in UK as master degree.I also have 6.5 score in IELTS.Unfortunately i dont know any step about process of studying un UK from applying to housing.Please help me.Thanks

Hello teacher , thank for everything you helps.

hello Simon and all people who are preparing for ielts.
I got a question in ielts writing task2.I do not know how to planning it and how to find the key words.
Question: people can perform everyday tasks,such as shopping and banking as well as business transactions without meeting other people face-to-face.What are the effects of this on individuals and society as a whole?
Is this question talking about online business?
Thank you.

Dear Simon
how can i improve my listening skills in 3 months

I followed your IELTS teaching since the end of 2016. Several months later, exactly in January 2017, I took my very first IELTS and amazingly got enough score to apply master degree in the UK. Although my IELTS score is just 6,5 but I'm happy enough as I don't need to take it several times. Now I'm waiting for my enrollment in Southampton University and gonna commence my study this September. I owe you one, Simon.

Dear Simon
I have to pass ielts exam until augst, can you advise about course or one to one teacher who is good at ielts. I live in chelsea, I am a Turkish, and intermadiete

I am looking forward to hear from you
best regards

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