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November 21, 2015


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Hi, I'm Kajan from Sri Lanka,
I took IELTS exam my bands scores are L:-5.5,R:-5.5,S:-5.5,W:-4 , and now I'm practicing IELTS at home, in order to get band over 7 in each component. BUT It's seem difficult to improve my writing and speaking. How can I write a good essay? please give some advice. thank you

I agree with what you said,Simon. Quality is first,then thinking about time limit.

Hi Kajan,

If you have a limited budget, Simon has a number of free video lessons on Writing Tasks 1 and 2. In addition, of course, there are all his blogs. These will give you all the methods and advice that you need for IELTS.

This leaves grammar and vocabulary. Again, Simon's site will help you a lot with these. I see your exam scores at the moment, so you may also benefit from a free online resource that you can study at home. Try: http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish/ The Lower Intermediate and Intermediate courses will help you to improve a lot.

That's my advice - I hope it's useful.

thank you Simon for your valuable advice ,in fact I am doing the same strategy although time is my worse enemy in the exam .

Thank you Simon. By the way, I have a question relating to the matter of using "any".
In the book "Collins - reading for ielts" by Is Van Geyte, page 17, exercise 3, a sentence wrote this: "the charity's firrst aid specialist said that learning basic rescue and recovery techniques could be the most important thing any parent did"
But in my Oxford practice grammar by John Eastwood, "any" is used for uncountable noun or countable noun in plural form.
so, what is the way of using "any" exactly?

Thanks Simon for your immense help.
I got the required band yesterday.

HELLO Simon and eveerbody

please give me advice to improve my listing immediately. 12.12.2015 is my ielts exame date. i have only about 20 days

for speaking: james.bondo07
please help me


'Any' can certainly be used with a singular noun to mean 'one at random'. Yes, it is also used with plurals to mean 'some', generally used in questions and negatives.


Thank you, Simon. I will follow your instruction and I believe I will achieve the good results I need. You are always there for us.

Hi. Simon I have given an ielts exam in India in 2013 academic. I got 7.5 L ,6.5 R ,5.5 W and 5.5 in S. I got overall band score of 6.5. Now I am in Australia from the last one year and I want to give the ielts test again but the General ielts. So could you please suggest me how I can improve my speaking and writing. I want to score 6 in each module. i am practicing ielts now at home. I hope you will definitely help me.

Hi Pete
Thank you so much :)

Hi Simon

This is MSM I am fallowing your website since last year but not regularly . Need badly your help i have to get score 7 in each section in academic one. Could you please help me . My previous score was 6.5. I need your valuable advise. I appreciate your help.

thank you

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