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November 29, 2015


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Last week my friends and I decided to hold a party at your stylish restaurant as we were looking for a place to gathering and we found it through an adds published on a newspaper.

We all gathered there to celebrate our graduation from university and made good memories as that probably was the last meeting we would have.

When we went in, honestly, we would not expect to be extremely satisfied with all that meals and foods served there. We found varied menu which catering for all tastes, as well as healthy foods and some salad and vegetables suitable for vegetarians. Besides, the environment was quite peace and calm and we took great advantage of spectacular view, as the place we sit overlooked to the river. Last but not least the manner of your staff was excellent, they seemed well informed about professional etiquette, as they always been there whenever we asked for.

Now I'd like to thank you for all efforts you made to establish this classy restaurant.
Yours faithfully,

Jasem O'Neil

Dear Manager,

I am writing this letter to thank your restaurant for the lovely food and service we received on last Saturday evening.

It was my birthday last Saturday. Because it has good rating in the app and is close to public transport, my friends and I went to your restaurant to have a small celebration. We had a great time there. The place was quiet and comfortable, and the music played that night was lovely. More importantly, the dishes were very delicious and even nicely presented. Personally, I loved the Gong Bao chicken which was tender and not too spicy. Besides, the waiting staff were all helpful and nice, and they even offered us a small birthday cake for free, which I really appreciated.

Again, I would like to thank you all for the wonderful food and service. We will definitely visit your restaurant again soon.

Best wishes,

Dear MAnager,

I would like to appreciate the food and service of your restaurant we enjoyed last week.

It was my marriage anniversary on 15 November. My husband and me visited there to celebrate it. The location was very enjoyable. The meal is very delicious. light and highly listenable music was playing. All people around us are looking happy and cheerful. It seems there is no tension and stress in the world. I really appreciate the decoration of your place. Your menu is full of delicious cuisines. I preferred to eat your special fried fish which is mouth-watering. I would like to applaud your staff who were very pleasant and amiable.

Thanks again and again, to make our anniversary so memorable and special.

Yours truly,

Hello guys!
By this letter I would like to take a chance and thank all of you for a such a good performance last Friday afternoon, when me and my friends came over in order to celebrate my promotion.
To be honest it was a perfect ending of a very long and tough work week and surprisingly good day. We love to gather, grab a beer and watch some sport every Friday evening but this time you really made our day.
We will never forget neither your local beer, neither those medium rare stakes. And of course please say hi to your girls who served our table all the evening. It was awesome!
Thanks again!

Hello Manager,

I am writing this letter to thank you and your staff for providing us with the best service, during our visit to your hotel last Friday.

I and my wife visited your restaurant to celebrate our first marriage anniversary on last Friday, November 26, 2015. We also invited 6 of our friends to have dinner with us. Though we booked the table for only 6 people, the receptionist was kind enough to make arrangements for the extra people.

As we did not have ample time for planning, all we could do was to book a table in your restaurant to celebrate our anniversary. The staff members were sweet enough to plan a surprise cake cutting ceremony during our dinner. We were really moved by the cordial nature of the staff members.

The food was also customized to cater the individual needs. Since most of us wanted spicy food, the chef made it extra-spicy especially for us. The staff members were also patient enough to explain about the way the food was being cooked and also about the ingredients used while cooking. Thus excellent food, cordial people and great service made our occasion even more special. We would like to again thank you and your staff members for giving us such an extraordinary experience. I have also shared my positive experience in Trip advisor website. Keep up with your good work.

Dear Manager,

Thank you for providing the service last night in your restaurant. My friends and I really enjoyed the meals and atmosphere that your folks prepared the Christmas special night on December 24, 2015.

As members of Marcus Book club, we have a traditional gathering every year. However, the restaurant we usually go for celebration run out of tables due to attendees number changed. We had extra guests who signed up in the last minute. That was also the reason We had to seek another restaurant.

I came across your restaurant on yelp.com for searching a nearby restaurants. I couldn't thank enough to make this even more better. Even though the booking was full, the receptionist in your restaurant said they can create an extra outdoor dinning space for us. We genuine had a great time and wonderful experience. Last, wish the best in your business.

i'm so glad that you've begun to update the general writing section. thank you simon!

Dear Manager,

I am writing this letter to gratify for arranging such beautiful birthday party.
I celebrated a birth day party for my son in Sunday evening so I booked the third floor and invited nearly 200 guests.I am very surprised to see the arrangement of cake which my son liked most.It was three layer cartoon shaped cake.And the drink and juice for children was very special.Mostly the food is hot but not so spicy.
Besides,the children were surprised to see big dancing doll,rides ,music,toys ,colorful balloons, aquarium and painted wall. Children were often spoil some food but the waiters were so quick and skilled that they could handle it nicely. I am not expecting such a great cordial service you provided.I think it was more than my money giving to you.Me and my family did not forget ever the enjoyment moment in your restaurant.
Thank you very much wish to your visit restaurant again.
Yours faithfully,

Dear Manager,

I am writing this letter to ThankYou and your staff for providing us with such a wonderful service at your restaurant last night i.e; on 24th December 2015.

It was my Daughter's first birthday and we thought of making it grand by inviting some of our close friends for dinner. We choosed your restaurant as it was in the city center and close to everyone.

I was very impressed by the way you decorated the hall with princess theme. My Daughter also liked the colourfull balloons that were lying all around the place. And talking about the Food, it was well presented and very yummy. All our Guest appreciated us for the tasty food. And last but not the least your hotel staff were very pleasant and keen on their duty. They made sure the food is served hot and were quick at their service.

With great honour I will always recommend your restaurant to all my friends looking forward to have a get together.

Thanking You
Your's Sincerely

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you this letter about thankful for your services and delicious food.
Last night, I and my friends were your restaurant. My friend was birtday who name is John. We ate some chicken and fish. This celebrate was very important us because John will go to Turkey for this reason we will not meet each other for a long time.

We found your restaurant on foursquare application. Your restaurant location was very wonderful and that was interesting experience for me and my friends because we ate meal on the sea first time. Other I admire your restaurant activities were fantastic music and party. We were very fun and we were so much pleased with your services and food.

I want to say thank you for your services and delicious food. As I mentioned, we ate fish and chicken and your crews were very polite and kindful for this reason we were very pleased and we will visit your restaurant again.

Lastly, I want to thank you to your staff and your chiefs. This birtday party never forget and we decided to meet your restaurant next our meeting and also we will advise your restaurant all our friends.

I would be grateful please accept our thank you.



Dear sir,

I am xyz writing this letter to pay my gratitude towards the services provided by your restaurant during my visit. Last Sunday I have visited your restaurant with my family and relatives for the birthday celebration of my son.

It was an immediate plan and we were not ready for this celebration at home so I selected your restaurant for birthday celebration and then after dinner. I was really pleased when you accepted my requested and with in a short note made all the required arrangements.

The services provided by you and the staff was up to the mark,specially the birthday cake was according to our expectations,it brought I big smile on my son face that I would never ever forget. Moreover the aroma of food was mouth watering and the garnishing of different cuisines attracted my relatives towards it. I am heartily thankful to you for such kind of services in a short while. I would recommend my all all near and dear's about your restaurant.

Yours faithfully


Please check my letter. My exam is in this month

Oh it is wrong answer because question says u and ur friends. . I will write again

I have a question. If I write.I am xyz is it correct.in many books it is written?

Dear Manager,
I am writing this letter to thank you for the service you and your staff offered us last night.
We were celebrating our last day at college, and this was very special to our hearts. After a long discussion with friends we were agreed to visit your restaurant to rejoice our feelings. First of all the ambiance of the restaurant was amazing and the waiter response was spot on. Live music was wonderful and we have enjoyed the overall gesture of restaurant.
We had ordered variety of food items and all were served fresh and delicious, especially the chicken stake with mashed potatoes was very delicious. Most importantly the appetizer humus with olive oil and it was complimentary was great.
Moreover the space provided by your restaurant team, because we were a bit out of sorts is real great thing.
We are again very thankful to you for providing such a great experience and we will definitely recommend your restaurant to family and friends.
Yours thankfully,

Dear Simon,
please mark my writing. i will be very grateful of you. I want to improve.


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am the client who visited your restaurant last Friday for celebrating my birthday. I am writing this letter for showing my appreciation of the food and service your restaurant offered on that day.

Last Friday night, six of my family members and me walked into your restaurant. Because it was peak time, there were too much people waiting for spare seats, including us. However, I did not feel boring at all when I was waiting, in fact I have to say I enjoyed that period because you provided free shoulder massage as well as delicious snakes! I never experienced such great service in other places before.

When we sit and ordered food, we started to celebrate my birthday. The food was impressive, but the more impressive thing was that I received a free birthday cake at the end of dinner even nobody mentioned to waiters that it was my birthday party. I guess they heard our talk and intended to give me a big surprise.

After all, your restaurant makes my birthday party perfect and unforgettable. Thank you very much for all things you have done and wish all the best on your business in future!

Yours sincerely,

Hello there, Simon

I was wondering if you be kind enough to evaluate my writing practice for this example question that you posted sometime ago. Ok, here is how my letter starts

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to say thank you and to express my appreciation to you and your staff for providing us with the excellent food and service, eventhough it was on such a short notice.

Besides that, I am very please to say the atmosphere in your restaurant was really nice and cosily furnished with good lightings, tables and chairs. Additionally, the artwork ornaments and hung wall paintings on display that were placed at certain locations in the restaurant gives a sense of stylish outlook. Plus, the music selections that were played out at the dining area gave an amazing feel of ambience.

Furthermore, the reason for the celebration at your restaurant was to gather with all of my close friends to celebrate together our college graduation over lunch.

Subsequently, I must say that the food was really appetising, tasty and good serving portions. I also like that the menu had a wide variety of meal choices to select from and are affordably priced. Which was good cause some of my friends were vegetarians.

Overall, the service given to us by your staff was good in the sense they gave us fast response and attentiveness to details while taking our food orders and correctly serving each of us with the right lunch meals accordingly. Might I add, to my surprise that one of your staff was really accommodating and talented as well that he entertained us with a singing performance for me and my friends. We all felt truly captivated by how he could sing and play the guitar so well at the same time moving around us at our dining table.

Lastly, at the end of our luncheon session, another staff of yours was thoughtful that she helped us take group photos of me and my friends.

Once again, I would like to say thanks to you and your staff for giving us all a truly memorable and enjoyable dining experience.

Yours faithfully,

Ruben Chong

Dear Sir,

I am writing to thank you and your staff for making my celebration meal so special last Friday noon.

I am looking for a place to have a lunch with my family. My family love to eat Indonesian food and we have several choiches. After discussed with my family, we finally went to your restaurant.

We visited your restaurant to celebrate my university graduation. We were so tired after attending graduation ceremony, but we were so happy. So we need to have a big lunch in a good restaurant.

We were in right choice since the food was delicious, your waiters were so friendly, and the service was really excellent.

We enjoyed our meal, laughed together, and suddenly the tiredness was gone because we were so happy. So, we would like to thank you for giving us a good service to celebrate my graduation.

Yours faithfully,


Too late to post. Need correction, please. Thank you.

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Artur. A week ago I had my birthday celebration at your restaurant. I am writing to thank you for your hard-working and making our day very nice. It was a right decision to have the birthday party at your restaurant.

We had very tasty snacks and food, for that I would like to tell special thanks to your cookers. The waiters' service was excellent. They served everything so fast. Thank you also for the birthday cake which you gave me as a gift from your restaurant. Musicians concert was so hot, we could not stop dancing. You made my special day really unique and unforgettable. My friends and I enjoyed every minute. Please, continue your hard-working and commitment.

I am looking forward having my marriage anniversary party at your restaurant, and have a lot of fun. Please, keep working in the same style.

Yours faithfully,
Artur Yolchyan

Dear sir,

My name is Hyderabadi really appreciate your kind help to the students,i need an reply/response email to the office,& some sample emails for the office purpose.

Thanks & Regards,

Dear manager,

I am pleased to say that I visited your restaurant last night with my friends for birthday celebration and I would like to thank you for delicious food and awesome service provided by your staff.
Actually we arranged a surprise birthday in your restaurant, and your staff members are really been very helpful in all manners. they even suggested new ideas to make the occasion pretty. my all friends are very happy for having an awesome response from you and the food you provided its really delicious and mouthwatering. specially punjabi and mexican dishes are pretty in looking and eye catching for food lovers. Delicious and yummy in taste.
we are surely visit you again.

Thank you so much for you lovely response
Snehal Bhavsar

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