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December 18, 2015


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Hi Simon, how do I know when I'm ready to sit the test in terms of the reading part? I'm aiming for band 7, but i want to secure a higher score. I've been practicing for the past month and following your tips the keyword method, I still make one or two mistakes each time. Is it when I make no mistakes is the time when I'm ready for the test. Please enlighten me! Thanks.

i would like to practice speaking with someone. my requirement is above 7. im from london uk. if anybody interested to practice speaking with me please contact through my email : hosnaarabegum84@gmail.com

Hi hosna,

Actually I'm looking for such a study partner too and I just sent an email to you, please check your mail so that we can get in touch soon.

Best of luck

Hi friends, I am ready to join you guys for practise. My skype id is sriam255.

here is my answer
I would like to talk about a disagreement which took place between me and my best friend last year when I visited her and she started complaining about her driving test.actually she had appeared several times in manual driving test but she did not pass through it.that time I advised her that she should learn automatic driving skills instead but she started arguments in favour of manual driving and the disagreement began between us.she mentioned that the manual driving classes are less costly,even the manual cars utilise less fuel and top of all if she learnt manual driving she can easily switch on to automatic driving.but all those reasons seemed illogical to me.i started listing the benefit of auto driving.i said that it more easy to learn and you do not have to worry about the clutch control as a learner.it is more convenient to drive an auto car and there is no tedious gear shifting in commuter traffic.you do not care about a numb clutch foot during rush hours.after an hour argument,frustration anddisagreement I insisted my friend that next time she should not waste time and should go for automatic classes.she was not getting convened so we stopped there and I came back to home.after returing home I realised that that was not a proper time to discuss that issue because on that day she had a bad driving test.after two months my friend visited me, she was very happy because she had passed her automatic driving test after listening to my advice.

I'd like to say my mom. Everyday when we talk, she usually mentions that i should marry now with some boys whom she knows. We have more conflicts about my single. She said it is good boy, you can get marriaged with him.

In many time, i try to explain that i'm finding a suitable person. If i get marriaged with a man she said above i wont be happy.
Until now, she continues repeating that, and i just smile and pass through another thing when talking with my mom.

How can I answer this type of question?

Dear All,

If anybody interested for Speaking Module then its my skype ID. wahab_anjum

Please keep in touch, I'll appreciate your response.

Hi Friend,

My name is Ben. I am practicing for the Ielts Speaking with an effort to achieve a target of band 7.

Please join me for the speaking group. I am sincerely looking for some speaking partners.

My email: kslehoanglung@gmail.com
Skpe: talentdove89

I had a disagreement with my house mate, Katherine with regard to the house cleaning. The main reason that we had an argument was because we can't arrange our time once a week together to do the cleaning. I worked as a property manager which meant that sometimes I had to work on weekends if there were open houses. Katherine was so concerned about keeping the house tidy and clean, and I also understood the importance of this, finally, we came to an agreement that we would do the cleaning together if I had time, if I was not available then I needed to do the cleaning the following week myself because she'd already done her job.

Part 3

1. What disagreements do teenagers often have with their parents?
Teenagers would always have arguments with their parents when they want to either play games or hang out with friends while their parents want them to focus on studying.
2. What do young children tend to argue about with each other?
Most of young children will have argument with each other when they don't want to share toys with each other.
3. Do you think that it's important to be polite?
Being polite is vital in one's life because this usually can show a person's good character and education from schools as well as parents.

【here's my answer, please band it】
-----Part 2-----
I usually have different views with my friends who always be the most honest to me. about a month ago one friend and me met a girl looking for help while we are walking the street. the girl asked us to give her a few money because she is lost in this city has no where to go and her wallet was stolen. i was mean to give her some changes, but my friend prevent me to do so. he told me that there're too much crooks like this girl which making money by begging. I was argued what if this girl is really innocent? then, me and my friend had a terrible quarrel. at last, we made a common view that we will not ignpre anyone who really needs our help, meanwhile, we also won't help anyone who lied to us for money. so we asked the girl more details to understand her situation, however, she said she is only hungury and doesn't need more help such as call the police. finally we buy her some food and haven't gave her any money she asked for.
-----Part 3-----
Q1: in my opinion, teenagers are most likely to disagree their parents on things they playing. for example, a large amount of parents try to prevent their children spend times on internet, on the contrary, the internet has been more and more important for every teenager.
Q2: I'm not exactly know themes which youngers argue with their guys though I was a teenager then. I suppose that is about who's better in playing, studying etc.
Q3: The most important thing in discussion is to make sense. Polite or impolite is only a method of argue.

Hello Frend,
May i join you guys for oral english . My skype ID is shrine.sacred and I will appreciate it if anyone would take me in,thanks!!!

part 2- I am going to describe about different opinions expressed between my colleagues and I .it was happening on this week while I was giving a presentation in public. Suddenly, John, my elder co-worker expressed something go again mine.
As he mentions the value of the quality need to revise, which means it is essential look over again, to debate the descriptions and voted to table the motions. At the same time, we were quarrelling because of his strong statement objects to my ideas.At the beginning, I was disagreeing with that to revise the partial editions for this proposal regardless it some of the context being puzzling.
I was unhappy to doing it again. Even if, his working experience is better than mine, however, I don’t want to lose the face for the second time at openly presentation, so that I was serious to ask him for help, hopefully it is working let the task be able more clearly for next time, as the result, by his warm advice and legible I am confident now as well as become a good reporter.

plz if any one could practice speaking with me please contact me in

Hi all,

Pleased to make friends with those who want to pratise speaking English with me. I am about to have a test on 09 Jan 2016.

Having no much of time on preparing for the test.

Hi guys, may I join you to practice speaking? Skype Yanae Yang. Thanks~
Happy New Year to all!

i will have speaking exam on 11th of December. im seeking a partner for practicing. my scype id is: fresh.azizi

Want also to have some discision or practise for english speaking. Skype vytcka19

hi simon

Describe the person who has no common sense

Describe the person who is unusual.

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