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December 31, 2015


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Happy New Year, Simon! Best of tidings to you!

Happy New Year James!

Why this overviews is simple and clear by contract others seems totally descried detailed a lot

Happy New ใ„šear!

Happy new year Simon! Wish you and your family happy and prosperous year in 2016!

Simon thank you for your great contribution to all of us and Merry Christmas! :)

Dear Simon,

Wish you happy new year.
I am not able to subscribe to comment feed, or even the chart image that you said "click here". I would really appreciate if you can help with this issue.

Hi Shadi,

The fact that you are able to leave comments in this site means that there should be nothing wrong with opening the chart image you need as long as you do it within the same domain.

With respect to the subscription problem, I suppose this site only offers subscription to its blog's feed, that is, the lessons. In that case, you might have to read comments by manually clicking on each of the lessons if you want.

I'm just saying from a technical perspective and hope this helps.

Hi, Simon! Could you please read essay below, and say if it is very bad, or okay. Hope u ll write back!๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ
A glance at the graph provided reveals general amount of minutes of telephone calls during the period from 1995 to 2002 in the UK, separated into three sections.
It is apparent from the information supplied that the calls by local-fixed line shows the highest numbers in thus rate during the period in question. Increasing from over than 70 billion minutes in 1995 and reaching a peak of 90 billion minutes in 1999, figure for this line then plunged to a low of approximately 72 billion minutes in 2002.
Also evident is the fact that, however, the number of minutes spent on international calls and mobiles both increased over the whole period. Increasing steadily from marginally under 40 billion minutes in 1995, it became a mere over 60 billion minutes in 2002. The popularity of calls through mobiles, meanwhile, was considerably less in 1995, it was somewhere about 3 billion minutes, however, the number increased dramatically in 2002 to over 40 billion minutes.

Hi Simon, I read a lot of articles of Task 1 from somethere( not your lesson), but I found most of them put the main points or general trend in last paragraph ( paragraph 4). Should be a problem if I write general trend in the last paragraph? Or write the main points in second paragraph is better than last ,which most native speakers will do? Thank you for your time. Happy New Year!

Hi Simon!
I noticed that you compared the figures for women and men living alone in the introduction. But I thought the most important point should be the "tendency", I mean the change or the development with the growing age. So I thought we can say "Generally, we can see an increasing proportion of alone-living women with the age." Am I right?
Thank you Simon!

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