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December 30, 2015


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Hi Simon,

I have a question about vocabulary. Is there a contradiction between simple natural language and less common vocabulary?

Thank you very much!

about ParaPhrase from topic is it easy to transformed the keywords and rewrite that words or means again but in somewhere we would like to explain the vocabulary even give the definition for examiner however he or she (examer)aleady Know that´╝î
dear simon I am very confused while writing an essay pls help
Thanks in advanced

Hi Simon,
I started studying for IELTS recently, I need 6.5 in AC, but I can not upgrade my reading score from 5, I need your advice.
Thank you.

Simon, Thanks.
a quite nice idea, clear my former confusions.


Not at all. 'Simple' really means 'clear', and 'natural' means what a native would use. Natives don't usually use a lot of 'complex' or 'complicated' vocabulary, because this may make the meaning less clear.

Think of 'less common' as 'specific', or 'topic related'. When you describe something, if you are a bit more specific you will naturally use 'less common' words.

My boss at IELTS likes to remind us that IELTS is NOT academic writing (despite the name of the academic test) and that it is easily possible to to achieve a 9 in writing without using any 'formal' or 'academic' structures or language.

Thank you sjm. Happy New Year!

Great advice sjm. Thanks again for your help.

Happy New Year!

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