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January 30, 2016


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Hi Simon, sorry for my off-topic question. I have taken the IELTS tests today, and now I realise that I wrote Y/N/NG instead of Yes/No/Not Given on the answer sheet. I wonder whether I lose all the mark for these answers. I am so worried right now. Thank you so much.

wash teeth/read an English book/apply for three school in UK

Hi Simon. How are you? It is great to read what you share here. I am doing my master degree in IOE, and meanwhile doing on-line English training for Chinese student. Are you willing to cooperate with me? If possible, could you please contact me ?

Simon (It is such a coincidence that we are the same name.)

Dear Simon,

Your first video is soooooo helpful and I enjoy hearing your voice very much. Thank you and I'm looking forward to the upcoming videos.

My aim for Feb is not to get fat! It might sound easy but it's almost impossible for a "foody" like me because Luna new year is coming in Vietnam which means I will have plenty of good food! Too much temptation :(

For years I have been making New Year's resolutions which I usually fail to achieve. I hope this year will be different.

Have a great day!

With warm regards,

Ielts 30/1, acadaemic writing: task 1: a line graph for 3 types of telco used by millions of people in China for a period of time
Task 2: prison vs. education; ways of reducing crime,agree or disagree..

Sorry, i cant really put it proper word by word as per exam neither i can paraphrased it in better way...


Don't worry Oanh Tran. Your answers are fine.


Simon Chen,

I'm afraid I don't have time to help people individually. Best of luck with your Master's and online training.


Thanks Mai. I'm glad you like the video.

Good luck with your difficult resolution!

Thank you a lot for answering my question

Hi Simon, thank you for sharing your resolution!

My resolution for this month is: Following your blog (more) daily and do the exercises, practice anything related to English every day, and try to do small-to-big exercises each day to get a good health and fitness.

1. One reading and listening test per day - Finish 29 tests till the end of February. It means to finish the majority of Cambridge tests.
2. Read at least 1 - 1.5 hours from BBC, The Guardian, National Geography etc. every day
3. Attendance at least 2 mock tests organized in my city.
4. Improve my writing. I really bad.
5. Read your blog every day.

Hi Simon . I appeared for Ielts Jan 23 my result was 7 only because of your lessons. Thank you. Bt I did nt get good score in writing. It was 5.5. Why I am not getting each 6. Now my exam is in Feb 20.. Plz help what to do

Hi Simon, I sat for IELTS on 23 Jan. I received 9 in Listening, 8 in Reading, 7 in Speaking, but 6.5 in Writing. I need to achieve 7 in each test. While I ask for a remark regarding my writing and speaking tests, I am also preparing for another test on 30 April. Would you please give me some advice? Thank you!

Thanks for the awesome video..It is my first comment....

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