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January 01, 2016


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Happy new year all.


Hope you will be doing a great job for everything you do in 2016!!.
I'm very honoured to be the very first writer on your website in 2016!
there are several new year's resolutions which are small and achievable. first of all, get up early in the morning and spend my morning hours profitably!!
hope make time longer for reading and writing in English, even though im still struggling with my hearing and speaking in English. that's my new year's resolutions!

Simon, Happy New Year!

I recently got my IELTS result: Listening 6.5 Reading 8.5 Writing 6.5 Speaking 5.0.

Thank you for your good advice and many sample essays.I improved my Writing from 5.5 to 6.5. And the next step is to improve my Speaking, from 5.0 to at least 6.0. So one of my new year's resolutions is to get 6 in Speaking in the next two months. I will make a plan according your advice on Speaking and stick to it. I hope I can get it in the end.

Thank you simon I got my score today
Overall band 8
Thank you for your tips and advice
Your website is the best
My score Reading 8.5 listening 9 speaking 8
Writing 7
Keep up the great work

I am looking to improve my writing score to get 7,as i got 5.5 twice in my ielts writing test. So i will work hardly in the coming 2 months by following your advice regularly to achieve my goal.
Thank you Simon for your great effort to help us

Happy new year Simon. Thank you for your great work in IELTS teaching. I am learning from your classes and my resolution is to clear IELTS this year and finish other exams so that I can get a job. I have got 6.5 in writing 6 times but this month I am giving exam and I will try to get 7. Once again thanks for your great work and once again happy new year.Cheers

Happy New Year.
My resolution this month is to test IELTS on 30/1 for the first time but until now I'm hesitant and I think to delay the appointment to 13/2.
Every day I practice on this website and your advice gives me motivation to take IELTS.
Thank you for you.

Happy New Year .
for me coming 9thjan2016 ielts exam .reading
is more difficult for me will u tell me how to improve reading test .....

Happy New Year!!

I'm about to take the test on 23rd this January, I'm a bit of worried though, but hopefully my attempt I have made so far will be finally paid off!

hi Simon.firstly,i want to congratulate you with the sake of Happy new year.it is your support that have made a firm resolution to us about garnering ielts.as it comes to me,i made such resolution to garnering ielts and abandoning my city for master

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

*** May the New Year bring joy, peace & happiness to all of You ***

You got the best result.
Would you tell and guide me how you studied?please.
Thank you in advance.

Today's post reminds me of a lesson from the widely-acclaimed textbook series - New Concept English - by the renowned English teacher Louis George Alexander.

In that lesson he writes that 'most of us fail in our efforts at self-improvement because our schemes are too ambitious and we never have time to carry them out'. Besides, 'we also make the fundamental error of announcing our resolutions to everybody so that we look even more foolish when we slip back into our bad old ways!'

I've always had a particular type of emotional attachment to this textbook series. It provided me with the chance of learning English written by a native speaker for the first time.

Anahita ,
For writing task use this website ,its the best in my opinion.Tell me what information you need I will try to help

Thank you so much Ram
I should get Overall band 7. I want to know how should I practice 4 IELTS skills to get good score, in specific, speaking and reading skill. In addition would you please introduce me useful resources in this regard?

As I said earlier for writing task this site is the absolute best , trust me the essays by simon are simple and very good.For listening too use the hints given in this site but
some real listening tests from youtube.Speaking it depends on your calibre .For reading practice different variety of paragraphs ,there are plenty online.This is how I prepared ,hope that was helpful

practice some real listening tests from youtube

I'm so thankful for your advises and attention .
Also, many thanks for the prompt reply.
I wish you the best

Congratulations Ram, I want ti ask you about writing, what do you do exactly with Simon's essays? Do you learn them or parts of them by heart so that you can use them or adapt yhrm to be suitable in other contexts?
Thanks and best of luck in your next step of your career

Dear Simon,
It is my 2016 resolution:
Keep learning English with hope I could speak more fluent, write more professional and listen more precise.
Happy New Year

Best Regards,

Hi Simon, I have learned English with your daily lessons for the last two years. The result is good. Inspired by your persistent work, I decided to write everyday as my new year resolution. Write down my experience, reflections or other's stories. I wish I can keep this resolution till the end of 2016

Happy New Year everybody

Dear Simon

I loss marks in most appropriate answer in IETLS listening which are usually used in second part

how can overcome it

No I use his essays so I can get an idea about how to write any type of question,to understand the essay structures.There is no point in copying the essays as you need your own essay to get a good score in Ielts

Happy new year

my new year resolution is to get a 7 band score in writing..i am gonna preparing for that.Hope this site would be a great help for me..wish you all good luck

Ok Ram, so do I.

Thanks a lot.

@Ram, overall 8 that is Glad Tiding for you and we, share the topic of Task 2 & speaking if you can remember those?
Big Wishes 2016- A short term: save enough money by the end of Jan, regularly exercise
A Long term goal: Listening BBC everyday morning
Trying to make a sentence for speaking part 2
Part 2 – described the New Year resolutions that you had made
You shall say
What it is?
Is it difficultly keeping a promise or break? why / why not?
Part 3 - 1.why some of people make wishes for the future?
2. do you think people aim that goal or achievement now harder than past time


Thanks for your New Year wishes, and for sharing your resolutions.

Congratulations Ram!

Nice ideas for the speaking test Jackie!

HiCongratulation Ram
Can you please tell me how did you practice
for reading test to get this wonderful scor
did you use Cambridge ielts books or use other books and did
you spend more time testing your self and check the answers
can you please explane to me exactly your way becauseI need at least 7 and I only got 6 every time I took the exam ,I just received my result and I got 6.


No I didn't use any book for preparation.I mostly used online reference materials,especially this website .As I have said before for writing task this is the best website,the essays are written in a coherent and easy manner.

Task 2 writing task for me was:
Some people think we should keep all the money we earn and not pay tax to the state. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Happy New Year 2016 Simon
My resolution for January month is to get minimum 6 in each band. My IELTS date on 23rd January.
Last time i got only 5 on reading so need to improve my GT Reading. please suggest me on reading and speaking. Thanks

Thank sooooooo much , Ram

My resolution is to get 7 Each.

i Am lacking in reading & writing with 6.5 & 6 respectively.

Will do hard to make 7 each & fly to Australia

My resolution is to get 7 in writing..
I am still getting 5.5 in general.
Someone tell me how to improve my bands.
Is it ok to purchase ace the ielts or ielts success formula?
If yes, which one is best.?

What's your resulution Mr Simon?

Hi, Simon.Happy new year.please, keep up with the good work.

Hi, Simon.

Happy new year.

I wish that i can get overall 6.5 so that i can meet the minimum requirements of Master degree. Last time i got 6.0 ( R L W S : 6.5 6 6.5 5.5 ) :(((( . Hope that next time (20 Feb) i can do better.

Hi Simon,

My name is suman,

I have written last year month of NOV and I got over all 5.0.

Now I have booked new slot for March 5.

Kindly give me some time to improve my score 7.

Kindly give me some tips to improve my score

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