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January 02, 2016


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My specific action would be read your blog very day and follow your advice :)

thank you, simon.
hope you everything well in 2016!

Thanks simon
Your decision about video course for speaking is really great.
in deed I always asked myself why simon didn't provide any video for speaking and now I got my answer.

Thank you Simon,this is a valuable things!

Dear Sir,
Happy new year-2016.
I am a physician living in Bangladesh.
I would like to purchase your e-book as well as video lessons. But, unfortunately there is no country option for Bangladesh. So, how can I get it.
Looking for your reply

that's very true, a lot of ppl share their new year revolutions on the moments of my webpage most of which are really big and abstract, i think breaking these revolutions into small steps is the right way to go.

I'm going to figure out my small steps durng this week.

and BTW, I got my Ielts result: L6 R8 W6.5 S6.5 Total 7. I know I could have done better since I didn't get time to prepare listening at all. there is another thing I really want to know:can anyone tell me how to get a 7 for writing and speaking from 6.5, I want to know the difference between marking criteria for 6.5 and 7. Is there a long way to go ?

My specific action is reading your blog everyday.

me too @Oanh :), I read Simon`s blog everyday.

Hi Sir
I scored is not good in listening.
My result was

L 5.5
R 6.5
W 6.5
S 6.5
is that possible to get it improved by 0.5 in revaluation system. plz suggest

Great Simon!
I really do appreciate a lot what you share on your blog!

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