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January 09, 2016


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General writing Task 2 topic from 09/01/2016 IELTS exam was,
In today's society people have become less and less polite.
What do you think about this opinion?

This question is different to usual types of questions we get. Would you be able to please help with good structure and ideas.
Thank you.

I normally take a note of Simon's lessons on general training writing even though it isn't the version that I am aiming at. In my view, just treat them as an excellent source of knowledge for language's own sake as this is what we start our communication with the outside world. There is a myriad of ways of writing letters but Simon's model answer is arguably the most highly recommended one because of its simplicity and clarity.

Hi Simon,

I took the IELTS for GT last 23 January. I'm a little apprehensive about the letter part. Because the recipient is a colleague, I used a semi-formal style of letter, I referred to him by name and used contractions but also included some formal language like I am writing to request that he be a speaker in a conference I'm organising. Do you think that will be fine? Thanks a lot. I really like your web page and it helped me prepare for my exam.

Hi Simon,

I use Jane Doe for all my letters during practices. Is that ok?



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