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January 18, 2016


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I took this test yesterday and got the incorrect answer for the same question and with the same misunderstanding. But, somehow I still find it hard to accept that the correct answer is NG after reading your explanation. I put it very simple like this:
Question: A is the result of B
In the passage: C leads to A.
So for me, it is obviously False.
I think I may be overthinking but really I'm struggling with this for many times. Can anyone enlighten me? Thank you!

Hi hollanda,

I agree that it's confusing, and I agree with your logic too! However, if we change your formula slightly, I think we have the explanation:

Question: A is the result of B
In the passage: ONLY C leads to A

In this case the answer is definitely false. If ONLY C leads to A, then A cannot be caused by B.

But, without the word ONLY, we don't know whether B could also cause A.

Here's another example:

Question statement: cars contribute to pollution
In the passage: gas emissions from factories pollute the air

Answer: 'not given'. Cars are not mentioned, so we can't answer true or false. Also, the passage doesn't say that factories are the only cause of pollution.

This is how IELTS reading "logic" seems to work!

Who can practice with me?

Is there a native speaker?

Hi simon,
if i write comments on your blog, how i will be benefited.Anyone try to find my mistake on writing?

Hi practice,
I am not a native speaker.I will be glad,if you want to practice with me.ripa.chowdhury1986
is my skype id.

Hi simon,
Here i have some samples of test.
The question : after the release of professor Horton's study, the number of people taking vitamin supplements declined.
Relevant statement : professor horton at the university of west wyoming is one of a number of scientists who has found that in small amounts, the free radicals may help stimulate the antioxidant systems in our bodies.

What is the right answer? True,false or not given ? Thank you for helping me.

Not given

Dear Mr. Simon,

Thank you so much for your detailed explanation. Now I understood! This misunderstanding seems to be trivial but it is really frustrating not to have a satifying explanantion.

Thank you! Simon for letting us know about this reading tip.

Here's my "Reading LOGIC TEST"

Question= RED I ReadingPassage=RED I Answer=TRUE/YES
Question= RED I ReadingPassage=BLUE I Answer=FALSE/NO
Question= RED I ReadingPassage=COLOUR I Answer=NOT GIVEN
Question= RED I ReadingPassage=NO MENTION I Answer=NOT GIVEN

Comments/opinions are welcome.

@ dwi lestari

Not Given
Question Keyword: declined
Reading Passage: not mentioned

There's a trick to this type of question. When in doubt, change the question statement to negative form, e.g."Tourism has a social impact because it DOES NOT promote recreation." If the negative statement agrees with what's said in the passage, then the answer is FALSE. If not, then NG. In this case it's clearly NG because the passage definitely didn't say "tourism doesn't promote recreation."

Let's look at the other example
Question statement: cars contribute to pollution
In the passage: gas emissions from factories pollute the air
We do the same thing n change the question statement to negative form: Cars DO NOT contribute to pollution. What does the passage say? Does it mention that cars do not contribute to pollution? NO, so the answer is NG.

Hi ripa
Where are you from? ( I think you are Indian )
Are you a boy or girl ?

Emma J Lee,

Yes, that's a really simple way to be sure, and it's one that I recommend too. Change the statement to a negative and see if the passage agrees with that.

Hi emma are u native speaker if so practice speaking with me if u don't mind.plz reply soon

The answer is false becoz in the sentence the social impact has mentioned but not it means recreation so.the answer is false

Hi , Simon .
I would like to write on my thoughts about reading especially T/F/N.G .
In this type question answers mention in text , one by one ,
For example , you have found the right answer of 1st question but you can find the 2nd one after one sencetence , 3rd question's answer comes .
I write whole type of hidden question N.G .
After check my answer i see that i am quite right.

Is My assumption logical?

Not given

NG is abvious

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