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January 08, 2016


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Thank you

Thank Simon

Hello, Simon. I going to take an ielts. I need it for my high school. The only thing i need is to get 6.5 or more. No matter is it a general level or academic. So i need your help there, because you know very well ielts and how it works.

My question is which level i have to take in order to get better mark? Academic or general? Do you have any studends who tried both levels and can tell which level brought them better score?

I tried google for that but there is no answer for me question, while there is only answers like "take general if you need to get a job and academic if you going to study in university" . There is no advice about better mark.

Please tell your opinion about that, its very important for me.


i think you should take sample tests for both of them and then decide to practise one with higher band


The only major difference in the two tests is the first writing task. In general, it's a letter, and in academic, it's a descriptive report. I would only look at these two tasks, and work out which one you a) prefer and b) are perhaps stronger at.

Hi Vitalijus,

I took both and saw two main differences: reading and writing task 1. The fist difference is that general reading is definitely easier academic one since general reading is about general topics and easier to locate the information you need to read in details (passage 1 and 2). Moreover, writing task 1 in general training is about writing a letter which seems to be simpler than analyzing data from tables, maps, graphs, etc.

Therefore, my opinion is that with same language level you may get better score with general training module. My friend who want to get 7 each band always found it much easier to take general test.

I hope it helps.

Thank you.

Can anyone suggest me how to score the best ? Now, I can only correct 16 out of 40. Please, please please help me improve reading skill

Hi Simon,

I just completed my speaking test yesterday afternoon. After the test, I was afraid that I was not serious enough coz it sounded that I was open, smiled a bit... But now reading this advice of yours, I feel a bit better.


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