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January 22, 2016


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Dear Simon,
If the question says: Describe a historical place you visited?can I describe Serpentine lake (or rever) in the Hyde Park as it is an artificial lake created in 1730?or place here means a building?

I had argumentss with my brothers whether my faily eat out for dinner or cook meal my parents' favorite meal on my parents' wedding aniversary next week.

Hello simon,
I have taken test on the 9th of January and here are my results
Listening 9
Reading 8.5
Writing 7
Speaking 7.5
I have prepared from your site so I want to thank you alot for your free services and em highly obliged.An interesting fact is that this is my 7th attempt:-)
I have finally managed to get my required band scores after many failures. I practiced hard and remained persistent in my effort and I believe that this is the only key to success. I want to motivate students to never lose hope . You'll finally get what you want if you work hard

Good morning Simon,
I want to say thank you for your advices and lessons from this website
Finally, i can get overall band 6.5
It's enough to continue my master degree and I am happy with that
I have improvements in 3 out of 4 sections through learn from your websites

May God always bless you ^^

Hi Simon

I did my IELTS on 23rd Jan 2016 and that was my 4th attempt. I need over all 7. I usually score on average around 7.5-8 for reading and listening , around 6.5-7 for speaking but have never received more than 6.5 on writing . My last test had score of R-8.5 L-8 S-7 and W-6.5. This time i focused on writing a lot and this time i got a feeling i can get 7 in writing.I am confident i can get 7.5-8 for listening and reading . However, I am a little worried about speaking i was a little nervous and couldn't not imon

I did my IELTS on 23rd Jan 2016 and that was my second attempt. I need over all 7. My first test score was Reading-8.5 , Listening 7 , Speaking 7 and Writing - 6.5 . I focused on writing a lot even took classes and this time i am confident that i will get 7 in writing.I am pretty sure i will 7.5-8 for listening and reading . However, I am a little worried about speaking this time. I was a little nervous and couldn't not speak for full 2min on the 2nd section . Moreover, after 2nd part the examiner jotted down something on a piece of paper. Although it was not really clear i could somehow make out and it looked like "6.5" (there were some numbers already written top of mine ). After that i did not see him jotting down anything.

I just want to know if our marks is solely based on 2nd part of speaking and do they give marks right there? i am quite happy with part 1 and part 3 , 2nd part did not go that badly but i know i could have done better.speak for full 2min on the 2nd section.

Cong.Zara . Your result is perfect :) Could you give me some feedback about Speaking Module. I try to speak more fluent but I can't , because I always focus on gramer during the conversation :( What Can I do ? All the best

Congratulations Zara .. your speech raised my hope to achieve the score I wish ..
I sat for IELTS exam in 23 january , I recieved an overall score 7 , 7.5 in listening , 6 in reading , 7 writing , 6.5 speaking .. but I need 8 listening and 7 in the other sections .. I,ll try again


What is the method to give answer in listening and reading ALL CAPS OR UPPER LOWER which one is right

Congrats Zara...may you help us?

Last time...2 June 2018, part 2 about unusual meal. Please be careful with abstract questions!
My listening and reading always got 6...anyone want to help me...please send me email: eel995@yahoo.com

Dear Simon,

I'm very glad to find your IELTS preparation materials here online. I did try many times for the test and my average score remained 7.5 all the time. I need an 8 in Speaking and Listening and a 7 in Writing and Reading. Writing seems to be my all-time weakness (6.5 dead end) and my band of Speaking is not stable,ranging from 7 to 8. To get all the sections achieved at one transcript seemed need an arduous process since every time I was feeling that I was so close to the target while the result always disappointed me. I will keep on working harder and I will let you know when I achieve that. I will now use your website to prepare my next test. Wish me luck and many thanks for your materials!

I'm glad you found my site Nikki. Good luck!

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