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January 15, 2016


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Certainly, being polite and talk to people around with respects is essential in every conversation, whether we are at school, company or parties, we should have behaved properly. I believe the way we communicate with each other illustrates who we are in the society. It shows how well-educated we are through our acts. I remember the time when I had a meeting with a Japanese manager, behaving in a good manner is a typical image of this nation's citizen.

Being polite is very important for everyone. Especially our acts to the elder people. I think whenever and wherever we get along in society we will be respected by others if we can show our polite behaviours. No one like to treat impolitely, because impolite behaviours will give us bad feeling. I remember when i discussed my paper with my lecturer. I saw the other student force my lecturer to give signature in his paper. And i saw that my lecturer feel bad caused of that. Then my lecturer said to him that he was impolite, and my lecturer didn't want to give her signature. That is proved that be polite is important.

Being polite plays an essential role in any kind of communication, including business, academic, and family communication. It is clear that we need to show our respect to other people whether we are talking to a partner, a teacher, a friend, a family member or a stranger; acting politely is one way to represent our regard. I am always polite in my workplace, therefore, my boss said that he has no worry about asking me to meet our partners.

Politeness is always crucial in all sorts of cultures regardless of different ages, positions or status. Polite behaviours show that we respect others, so reciprocally they will treat us as the way we do. I remember the time when my High school teacher made a mistake while she was teaching us, she said sorry to our class, and then we even loved and looked up to her more.


It is sometimes argued that there should be equal number of placements available to men and women in all courses being conducted in tertiary institutions. However, While I completely disagree with this viewpoint, I believe that students commencements should be carried out by their academic achievement level.

To begin with, taking equal number of people from each gender would be highly impractical approach. As many courses are likely to more popular among women than that of men, filling up all places in them with equal gender number would be nearly impossible. Nursing and Midwifery, for instance, are the most likely courses being taken up by female students than that of men. So, if universities allocate seats to both gender equally in these specific courses, women aspiring to lead these Health care professions would might miss out from taking up them as their career choice. Furthermore, the approach of retaining equality in gender in all disciplines, universities will be immensely at disadvantageous since istitutions need money via students fees to provide a prestigious education facilities to all students.

Secondly, equal gender commencement in every single course will have a devastating impact on the merit system. Equal placements in all courses will cause injustice with high achievers, when they would have to be excluded from the admission list in favour of equal gender system. If this were the case in the current system of application acceptance , students might become demotivated for acquiring higher grades with losing a hope of securing a place at privileged university. So I believe in the current system of applicant's admission in all courses by their grades regardless of their gender, and therefore it should be kept going as it is.

In conclusion, acquiring equal gender in all courses in universities seems to me unrealistic approach and it should be avoided rather a fair system of allocating seats should encouraged.

Yes certainly , it is really important to be polite with everyone. people tend to respect polite people . Politeness is the key to make good relations with people from all walks of life. a polite person demonstrates good ettiquetes which is the subtly a good quality to deal with different folks at a variety of places . Whether it is a workplace , or simply interacting with any passer by. Also, politeness means giving respect to others so it seems to me an important quality of ones personality in this interconnected and globalized world . If we are acting rude to others , it may result in an abusive fight . I remmember last monday at work , one cutomer was getting rude to my coleague , instead of replying him rudely, i say politely to solve his querry and i found tgat coversation ended up with posotive reviews from his side .

Hi simon
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I certainly agree with the idea that we should treat other with respect and politeness. Because being polite is the essential key in making a good impression, especially at the initial stage of a relationship, whether we are at work or in any social context. Besides that, when we behave in a courteous manner, we can avoid unnecessary problems caused by our lack of respect to each other in some unwanted situations. I remember there was a time when I almost got into a fight with this man since he behaved in such a rude way to me even though he was at fault for hitting my motorcycle.

Dear Simon,
I wonder if it is okay or not to express my opinion using the subject "we"?

Thank you.

Yes, I defenately believe that being polite is a key to have good relationship with others. Because they can know that how much I respect them and that's a way of showing them my personallity. So, I try to being polite and gentle to all the people all the time, inculing parents, friends and co-workers. Then They respect and trust me. Personally, if someone is so rude and mean, I don't feel like working with these kinds of people.

I think politeness generally plays a vital role in our lives, but it all depends on the situation. I mean that if you are to attend a formal meeting of some kind, you must behave politely not to spoil the atmosphere. I remember having told to wear a suit by my superior when I attended a dinner party hosted by the British ambassador to Japan. However, if you have a casual lunch at a fast food restaurant with your close friends, for instance, you don't have to care about such unspoken rules for politeness at all.

Definitely, being polite is crucial when communicating with people, no matter in school, workplace or family. On one hand, it shows your civilization degree. Normally, the higher education one gets, the more likely he/she will treat people around with respect. On the other hand, when you show politeness to others, in return, you'll be treated nicely. When I was traveling in Japan, a nation that was well known for politeness, unconsciously, under this kind of circumstance, I was behaving more properly.

Yes, as a part of society, I think be polite is necessary, we need live, work with other people, if someone is always impolite to others, no one wants to connect with him. he may have no friends even cannot find a job and can not feed himself.

Dear All
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Definitely to be polite is one of the crucial characters of a person, it indicates our good attitude towards ourselves and others. I think the politeness is way to show that a person is well mannered and have appropriate skills for a certain society. Personally, I would rather prefer to communicate with people which have socially acceptable behaviour than with mean and discourteous individuals

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Yes, I do. A polite person is more likely to have better relations with people. I think politeness makes a person easy to talk with and more attractive. For example one of my colleague is known to be a polite person and everyone in our office wants to be close with her.

yes, politeness is very important in life, because we need to interactive people in today's society, so having a good manner can be win friendships and good relationship.
I think that A good relationship is based on how you are respected other and consider one's feeling that is you don't like be treated badly or rude way when you are really treated fairly, indeed we dislike someone's behaviour is barbarian.

Definitely,treat being polite is an important factor of people's personality becoz it reflect our how much we have developed our positives attitudes but in case of teenager's they may not agree with other's guidelines even their parents.for example visiting with friends,shopping ,homework etc.i think,it is a developing period of human in physical and mental equally .so their behaviours a little bit differen than other't and they thoughts that they are capable to take any decisions.

Politeness is essential for maintaining good relationships. No one wants to cooperate or live with a person who does not show respect. Its a basic manners to get along with others. For example, saying "please" and" thank you" are a polite way to ask for help.

I strongly believe, that being polite is very significant in every person's life. For example, helping an elderly person to cross the road,by doing this it really shows how matured and helpful you have become. It also reveals your personality and how your parent raised you. Giving sign of respect by saying thank you and please whenever you ask a favor means a lot to people. This politeness is productive in our daily lives and help gain respect that is hard to earn.

Of course,being polite is quite important and it can make a great difference to our life.Because your politeness will leave a good impression to others and thus would bring more opportunity to you.What's more, being polite can also make you feel more confident and positive about the world. For example, when running into a man in the street,I gave my apology immediately and this helped to avoid a dispute between us, which made me happy all the day.

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