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January 14, 2016


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Thanks Simon. I find this essay really helpful!

Thanks simon....great attempt
But sir I have a problem when I chose main figure that time im confuse and how can I understand which main figure. ..so please hlpe me sir....give me tips

Hi simon, of thé total : 57.8=28+57.8〈by math)工 think that accounted for 28% and 29.8% respectively,because the figures were writed separate of last paragraph in this essay by you
Thanks in advanced

28+29.8=57.8(by mathematical in total)

Hi Jackie,

Yes, my sentence means "28% and 29.8% respectively" (I decided that the word "respectively" wasn't really necessary in this case).

Also, "of the total" refers to the total 100% of one-person households.

I hope this makes sense.

Thank you very much!

Hi Simon,

Do you have any update about writing task 1?
Because I read on a blog that I don't need to add the phrase "the table shows" in the introduction.

And what is the right one? With regard or with regards?
Thank you

Hello Simon,

I just want to ask you why you dont make comaprisons between men and women for the same percentage?
For example, women made up about 72% of single occupants aged 75 and 84, as opposed to men who made up around 28% of single occupants!!

PLEASE answer my question..

Hi simon , can we use the phrase "tied the knot" as a synonym for marriage?

It is good when the time is only 20 minutes.
My teacher who is also a examiner told me I have to write almost things (every numbers) in my task 1 essay...
Once, I tried to write 'compare' with different countries at different number, but the teacher said I can compare them but also put the number on. (I think it will make my essay getting longer and I think it is not necessary, am i wrong??)
And I 100% agree that you said ''select some key figures, not to try to include everything''.

well, but do every cases can write like this? (I don't have to write everything in essay)

Hi simon, is it still possible to write 'under 6%' instead of 'under 7% of single-occupant homes had four or more bedrooms?. either is possible, isn't it?


Thank you, Simon :).

Hello Simon,
I wonder if you can have a look at writing task 1 in test 1 of Cambridge IELTS 8? I believe it has the same type but I cannot figure out how to write it properly. I had a look at the example of answer key (I know I shouldn't, but my hands are tied) but it is not the same as your 4-paragraph structure. Thank you.

I wouldnt prefer using "singleton households" or "single-person housholds" instead of "single occupant" . Actually I don't think it's the coomon word of describing this sort of lifestyle.

Hi Simon,

Does the part two sentences of "and this difference is particularly noticeable" should be "and this difference [was] particularly noticeable"?

The two charts compare the different percentage of men and women at different age groups and number of bedrooms of living alone households in the UK in 2011.

The proportion of living alone males reached its peak at age of 35 to 49 group. It is also noticeable that the vast majority of one person homes were with less than 4 bedrooms.

The number of men was slightly higher than women at the age between 16 and 24 group. This ratio increased by 10% to around 65% at the age of 35 to 49 where this figure was the highest among all age groups. Then it decreased steadily to less than 25% at the age of over 85. Living alone female was a little bit more than male of all age groups totally in 2011.

At that year, 35.4% of all one-person homes had 3 bedrooms. By contrast, only 1.4% and 3.5% of living alone households were with over 5 bedrooms and 4 bedrooms respectively. The figures for 1 bedroom and 3 bedrooms were as similar as nearly 30%.

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