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January 20, 2016


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Nike, Rado and Mcdonalds



Starbucks, Subway and McDonald's



Nike,apple and starbucks

ikea,tesco and zara


coca-cola, KFC, McDonald's

Adidas,reebok and Montecarlo

Seven Eleven, Bodyshop, Pizza Hut

Domino, vans, sisheido

IKEA, Starbucks and H&M



Victoria's Secret

UNIQLO, Coach, Apple stores

remarkable things. thnkx simon


Nike,Samsung and McDonalds

Adidas.Nike and Puma

KFC ,Macdonald and Pizza Hut

Nescofe,Revlon cosmetic product etc

McDonald, KFC, Hungry jack
(Junk food!!!)

Apple, KFC and GAP

Brand:Piaget Costco CK

Nike, Samsung, IKEA

Nike, KFC and Apple

Mc-Donalds, KFC and Burger King

Costa , McDonald's and subway


You've all got the right idea.

If you get any question about products, brands, advertising, junk food, obesity etc., please remember to support your ideas with a few REAL examples like this. It will definitely help!

Spar, MD, Starbucks

Mac ,loreal

Hi Simon, recently I'm in trouble with this topic:
Gender imbalance has long been a general phenomenon not only in the labour market but also in formal education. Some analysts argue that it is impossible to eliminate the underpresentation of women in some subjects in the university. Do you agree or disagree?
I'm going to put an example about Hillary Clinton into the essay, is it ok?. I just want to ask some ideas to write, can you show me the outline for this.

Hi Simon,

Another topic, could you try?

Some people argue that there are no basic differences between the way men and women aprroach academic study. Others insist that there are big differences in areas such as organisation, attitude and ambition.

Or anyone can help?

Many thanks!

Hello Simon,

Would you please help me with this topic.
By punishing murderers with death penality society is also guilty in punishing murderers. Therefore, life imprisonment is better punishment for murderers. To what extend do you agree/disagree.

Thanks a lot.

I would like to try the next paragraph of this essay.any observations are welcomed.

Nevertheless,effects of this trend have not all been beneficial.Most often,easy availability of branded products in developing countries may lead to juvenile crimes. For example,Apple I phones,one of the most popular and expensive electronic gadget in modern era, are commonly available in all parts of the world and it is an undeniable fact that younger generation are obsessed with this innovative product.However,unlike the youth in developed world, their counter parts in poor countries like India and Nepal cannot afford such higher price.So the latter may possibly commit some crime like burglary as a desperate way to make some money to own their dream product.But,if these high priced branded items are not easily available in this poor parts of the world,the young would go for some cheaper versions that suits their pocket.

Walmart, KFC, McDonald

Seven Eleven, KFC, McDonald's

Dear Simon,

I want to know something from you. This is not related to this topic but I want to know the right thing from you.

When we fill up a personal information form, we fill up our name, age, profession and so on. Some people write profession:Service. Some people also write profession: Service Holder.

I want to know that which one is correct, which one is appropriate and which one is more appropriate.

I wrote the example again in below:

Profession: Service
Profession: Service Holder

I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

Thanking you

From Bangladesh

Dear Simon,

I am going tol take the Ielts exam at the end of this month, so please give your ideas and possible score I can get for this essay below. Thanks for your great support!

Countries are become more and more similar because people are able to buy the same product anywhere in the world. Do you think this is a positive or negative development.
Globalization has become increasingly popular, it enables people to consume more oversea products. As a result, people around the world currently tend to share the same trend of fashion as well as the same style of life. In my opinion, this tendency could have both positive and negative consequences.

On the one hand, a rise in similarities of countries over the world could be seen as a positive development. People could find it easier to communicate with those who live in other part of the world. This means they could be more confident in international relationship because there is almost no gap between them. International students, for example, have benefited from this trend in terms of connecting to their classmates and teachers who come from many other countries. It could be clear that sharing the same style of music, fashion will make young people easier to be close. Furthermore, this trend also helps our world with regard to solving many global problems. People could have less difficulties to follow policies that are also applied in other countries at the same time.

On the other hand, some negtive influences of this trend should be worth considering. Firstly, it might expose specific cultures of many countries to danger of disappear. People, the youth in particular, are more likely to be concerned about international styles than national traditions. To illustrate, nowadays many Vietnamsese teenagers prefer listening pop or rock music rather than traditional music which express history, culture and customs of country. The second harmful effect is that many countries could become less attractive to tourist because the disappearance of valuable tradition. In the future, people will have no change to enjoy a rich variety of cultures that make them more exicting when travelling abroad.

In conclusion, the trend in which different nations become more similar could bring people about both negative and positive impacts.

Apple, Nike and Starbucks


Undoubtedly, Globalisation has bought countries closer, and we are able to buy international products from any corner of the world. In my opinion, although there are certain merits to the above described trend we must also acknowledge the negative influence it has on local culture.

On the one hand, 21st century has bought about rapid urbanisation and advancement in technology making international trade quicker and easier. This has benefited every one globally. Firstly, People need not travel to a particular country in order to buy their local commodity, as one could order it online or when walk to a nearby branch of that company in their vicinity. For example, In the past, eating burger and wearing western clothing was believed to be a privilege of the rich Indians as only they could afford travelling to far west.However, this trend has now changed as Mc donalds or KFC has opened several branches in India and so has international clothing and comestic brands, making it easier for all residents to buy the product without the need to travel. Furthermore, this trend of buying common goods have encouraged tourism as tourist can eat their favourite food or buy their favourite brand even in countries such as Africa, India and china.

However, this closeness of all countries have also had certain detrimental effects. Many countries are being influenced by American culture of living and eating by watching Hollywood movies. Although globalisation was though to bring about cultural exchange, this trend has concerned some countries has it is destroying their culture as a whole. In India for instance, the influence of American fast food has been so much that there is a rise on obesity and cardiac diseases. likewise, the influence of international brand of clothing and living has lead to wasteful spending and people view traditional sari or kurta as old fashioned and waste. Moreover, in countries such as Africa and China handicrafts were out most important. But, due to residents getting attracted to costly branded products there are concerns that the traditional skills of handicraft may soon die off leading to loss of culture as a whole.

In Conclusion, rapid urbanisation and availability of international products worldwide have benefited many by modernising cities and making life easy, but it has also indirectly lead to destruction of other non dominant cultures and tradition.

Is this question really about only globaluzation

like if we only talk about positive and negetives of golobolization

question: Some argue that it is the responsibility of the parents to teach children about healthy eating habits, whereas others believe that teachers should be responsible for teaching their students how to eat in a healthy way.
Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

my answer: Although it is uniformly agreed that children should gain knowledge about nutritious eating habits from an early age, there are controversial opinions on who should bestow the knowledge, namely between the roles and responsibilities of parents and teachers. In my opinion, both sides play an equal role in enlightening children; therefore in this essay, I shall discuss the importance of teachers in explaining the benefits of healthy eating to children and of parents in helping develop those habits in an enjoyable manner at home.

To some people's belief, teachers shoulder the responsibility of teaching healthy eating habits. This is undoubtedly true due to the fact that children place a significant portion of faith in their teachers and therefore are more open to learn from them. Moreover, since children spend alot of their time learning at school among friends, it instills a sense of togetherness and they become more enthusiastic to pursue healthy eating as a group.

On the other hand, parents also play an unshakable role in this matter. It is their job to make sure that their children maintain the laws of healthy eating. The simplest way to do this is by setting an example.Kids tend to follow the behaviour and lifestyle of their elders - if healthy eating is already a regular practice at home, it will be easier for them to adopt and adapt. Furthermore instead of telling their children to eat raw carrots and vegetables, parents can bait them by preparing tasty, attractive meals. This will automatically peak their interest and increase their enthusiasm towards nutritious meals.

To sum up, the issue of bearing responsibility for teaching children healthy eating habits is still one of heady argument. In my opinion, responsibility cannot be endowed onto any one person or group - both parents and teachers play an equal role in the matter, teachers in the sector of bestowing knowledge on healthy eating and parents on practically developing the habits in their children.

I forgot to mention, Simon could you please give me an opinion on my previous essay? Like what band it would fall into and any improvements?



Guess, Calvin Clein, H and M.

puma, apple store and macdonald's


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