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January 06, 2016


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Dear Simon, which programmes are meant in that question? I didn't understand the relation between sports programmes and the poor health of young people?

It is really confusing to think about which ideas to write! i really need your help. Thanks sir!

Dear Simon, could you please see this writing?
I read your model answer after I finished it today. However, I am a little bit worried if my P3 is smooth and the logic is right or not. If this one can score at 7? Thank you so much for your help! Hope to hear from you.
P.S. you website helps me a lot! I didn't realized that "opinion" should not involve others' ideas before....

Wild animals have no place in the 21st century, so protecting them is a waste of resources. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, some people hold the view that it is not necessary to protect wild animals because the protection costs too many resources. However, I completely disagree with this opinion.
It is extremely important for us to keep wild animals from the extinction mainly because they play a vital role in the food chain. For example, as the predators, frogs eat a variety of insects. But if they died out, the population of insects would increase dramatically, which greatly influences the crop yield. The extinction of wild animals not only negatively effects biodiversity, but also damages the food chain, and further treat human benefits.
In addition, the argument against the conservation of wild animals makes little sense. It is true that money and energy should be used for the preservation program, but it is not a waste at all. If people destroyed the rainforest, which is the inhabitation for a wide range of wild animals, in order to build apartment buildings for the rising population, some detrimental consequences would be anticipated. Firstly, by having less leaves, the concentration of oxygen would be definitely lower. Secondly, the ecosystem would be for sure damaged and people would have to face the high frequency of flooding due primarily to the reason of fewer trees on the planet. Once they happened, the government and city council would have to put even more money and use more resource to fix the huge problems. Therefore, most people consider it a priority to protect wild animals and their natural habitats.
In conclusion, wild animals must be protected well because they have a central role in the world.

Hi Mr.Simon,
i think this opinion i have a mixture of between directly answering and finding the different . it have 2 main idea: sport programs are fairly attractive, and it is the reason that many young people choose watch instead of doing. As a result, healths of the young are affected. Main idea 2: some people think programmes are motivation for the young to improve the health

Dear Simon, here is my answer to the questions,
I do not agree with the statement, because these programmes actually encourage people to do exercise to some extent.
For young people who have self-regulation, they will exercise before or after the show to keep fit.
Another point is that people at a young age tend to copy others' behavior, and when they watch these sports programmes, they are likely to master one or two skills in certain sports area which their idols are really good at.

Hope to hear from you!
Have a good day!

Dear Simon,
Can I write that I only agree with the opinion stated to a certain extent? For example, there are two different ideas, I point out the positive and negative points of both, and say that it's best to combine them together? Would this make me lose my score?

nice topic. here is my essay. a quickly written essay.

These days, Sports programmes increasingly become well-known all over the world on TV channels. There has been an argument that such programmes are aimed at a number of people who are unhealthy and likely to watch instead of physically participating in. in my opinion, while I do agree with this view, but there could be a reason more important than such as timing.
On the one hand, unhealthy people prefer watching those programmes on TV to make them relaxed and they cannot physically take part in because they themselves are truly weak and do not have abilities to play. Indeed, those who really have passion for playing football for example, want to greatly compete in a completion and become stronger to perform well but in terms of poor health condition, they therefore just sit and watch other people playing on some TV channels.
On the other hand, there could be one reason why such programmes are prepared for other types of people. Firstly, with those who are engaged in daily work and they thus cannot have time to play and take part in. admittedly, people nowadays are working full time and paying attention entirely a week in their job to earn money to meet with daily requirements. Staff in firms for instance, tend to watch sports channel after getting home because in the full time job he or she does not have time to watch and enjoy such sports.
In conclusion, Sports programmes not only prepare for unhealthy guys who themselves want to watch and unwind but also for those who are busy at work.

hi simon,i want to ask can we give a balanced opinion or it is necessary to write about one aspect?

hi Simon I have noticed that recently there are some more aspects that needs to be included in the introduction such as highlighting what is the writer going to put in his/her essay is that true??after giving the theises

that is a truly easy question. i gave my own answer above.

Hi Siomon
This is gripping question. For the first time, I read question, I decided going against this opinion due to the noticeable advantages of watching television in boosting health.However, after pondering it again, I realized that I should agree with this opinion. This choice will be appropriate at that time since the opinion is hardly denied. First of all, watching the sport programme takes an amount of time for youngsters joining activities.Secondly, young people, especially inactive one, are likely to watch this kind of programmes for pleasure and entertainment rather than motivation.
That's my opinion, but I still find insufficient evidence for the second argument. Moreover, in writing essay, because I tend not to distinguish between 2 arguments, 2 ideas seem to be similar.

Dear Simon and others, please comment on my ideas

While I understand spending too much time watching sports programmes can be harmful, I have to argue that such programmes are actually a good motivator for improving health, and the main reason behind poor health is laziness.

1. Main culprit for deteriorating health in young people is lack of willingness to exercise.
-> These young people are inactive due to personal choice or environmental influence (e.g.: imitation to parents or exhaustion after many study hours). If it weren't for sports, they would still sit at home and watch movies or play video games instead.
-> Enjoyment of sedentary lives in young people are to blame, not sports programmes.

2. Sports TV actually does benefit health if people have self control and only watch in moderation
-> Watching sports can inspire educate and encourage people to take on the activity. Teenagers might even want to master sports skills to become like their favorite sports stars (e.g. Roger Federer, Michael Jordan)
-> A couple hours of watching sports games can be a healthy way to relax and unwind after stressful hours at work or school. It can stimulate adrenaline in the body, make one feel excited and refreshed. It is also a healthier entertainment option than video games, which cost money, or chit-chatting online with strangers.

dear simon:

My instant feeling is that it seems that there is not any direct relation between sports programmes and poor health of young people when I saw the question.
But this opinion would make me lack of vocabulary when I attempted to plan some details.
So, I need to have another go. Below is my planning:

The main idea: too much sports programmes will certainly influence the time of young people who spend on outdoor activities. However, I would argue that there could be some other reasons for the poor health of teenagers.

Body 2: I would say that how sports programmes influence the behaviors of young people.

Body 3: I would argue that other reasons such as health diet, technology-saving machines prevail ……would also lead to poor health.

Dear Simon,
Here is my introduction of agreed version as follows. Please comment how it is and can I use term 'Partially agree'?

Sports programmes on television are being remarkably popular at present, specially in young people. Such programmes, however, are criticised by some people and condemn for youngsters' less physical activities resulting health deterioration, I disagree with their view as these are encouraging to grow habits of healthy lifestyles.

I believe those sport programmes is responsible for the poor health of people.

Opinion: completely agree with this view.

Paragraph planing:

paragraph 2
people spend more time watch such programmes instead of working out.
Those programmes encourage fun or enjoy life rather than enhancing people's physical health.
The programmes use celebrities to attract more attention to achieve a high views.

paragraph 3
People who spend more time on exercise tend to have little time to work such programmes, because they have many physical activities so that they can spare no time to watch TV. In contrast, people who stay at home everyday have a large amount of time to Watch TV.

Young people who like working out can obtain little from such programmes for reasons (little practical advice, some activities can be dangerous with professional trainer and even hurt our bodies.)

Yes, it is difficult to write the essay with an agreement with the view.

It is true that sports games on TV are very popular among youth who are keen to watch those shows instead of outdoor participateing.in my opinion, I partially agree with this statement.
To spending a lot of time on TV watching sports games is not always good for younger. That is means more stayed at indoor less time join in outdoor activity .If the young people only watching a sports game didn’t spend some time on real PE class, it would be coming out problem in terms of the physical body, psychology, and community.so from some points of view we shall censor those programmers and manage the time for the children.
On the one hand, some of sports game lets the extrovert person will like to do different kinds of activity they are never try before. Surprising those sports show encourages them to take part in an outdoor game. Because they can become fans, mimicking behaviour from the sports star .For example, Tom, he is very shaming people, only reading books, focus on school assignment, but poor health conditions, one day his best friends are company he to watching TV of sports with instructions. Eventually, he tries to play basketball with his friends. as a result, the sports programme is a good lesson, let him go outside now more than concentrated on school matters.In additions, some of sports stars are a positive influence on younger ‘s behaviour . Those outstanding athletes not only best one in the field of sports, but distinguishes perform on school matters.
To conclude enormously watching sports on TV is not always poor health of many youth. Under censor from parents or teacher even government it can be contribute to developing community activity as well promoted people’s health.

If I disagree with the view, then it will be easier.

Paragraph 2:
Programmes can cultivate young people's interest in working out.
They can offer professional guidelines about exercise, so people can enjoy more benefits with very simple exercise and avoid some hurts when working out.
There are many celebrities in the programme, so This can highly persuasive to more people.

Paragraph 3:
there are some key factors that are more likely to lead to the poor health of young people.
1. they don't have a balanced diet.
2. they don't have healthy habits.

Feel much easier this time.

It is true that sports channels account for major capacity on TV today. while i do agree with some arguments that these programmes have to be responsible for sedentary lifestyles of many young people who would rather staying watching TV than taking outdoor recreation, i still believe that following sports channels on TV is beneficial for some in playing sports.
On the one hand, the popularity of many sports channels attracts many youngers to spend a lot of their time for watching instead of taking actual physic activities. There are some sports are not only aimed for entertaining but today commercialized and embedded with many advertising services that make people addicted to take part in virtually. For example, sending message to predict the winner of a sport match through the mobile phones is now leading many people to chose to stay in playing this game which is somehow attached.
However, i find these sports programmes are valuable for someone whom wants enhance their skill learning through TV. It is true that TV is broadcasting many sports matchs of many superstars or talent teams all over the world. These high qualified skills shown on TV can help those who are not afforded to attend actual training courses to enhance their sports skills. For example, one people who are playing boxing or have knowledge of boxing can learn tricks of superstars through boxing shows on TV.

I completely disagree with this opinion.
Someone have this opinion might because they can easily access the physical activities. However, most people are far from activity ground or hardly able to match with the holding timetable.

In my opinion, sports programmes through TV offer an alternative convenience option to these sports fans. At first, people can enjoy their loved games just at home. In addition, people who have to do their jobs can watch the games at same time. At second, these cyber programmes cost less than the tickets of physical watching, especially for the poverty. At last, normally, the sports programmes on TV are by professional editing, and also are played with expert narrations. As a result, people will never miss any wonderful details of the games.

Agree: watching too much sports on television:
sedentary life style over time ( coach potato), causing obesity, heart problems etc.
lack interaction with other family members and other people causing mental problems.
Can not eat well, eat fast food a lot as not time to cook or not interested in cooking( more interested in watching favourite sports).

Young people like to watch sports as it is inspiring,motivating,it should not be blamed.
It depends on individuals, arrange time to do outdoor activities and ensure have enough time spending with other people and eat healthy food.watching sports can not take over all these.

Young people are reluctant to take part in sports :
Physical efforts tiring, not professional, choose something easier( watching sports), physically tired from work, do not want to do activities in cold or hot weather...

Watching sports:
entertaining, exciting, professional performance, not physical efforts, easier, do not need to go out in bad weather. Satisfying...

I agree with Keddie Z's plan and ideas about this question. The ideas are simple but connected to the question and the flow of information are connected in a way that it would be easier to discuss and the ideas make sense.

I am more leaning on Keddie Z's disagree ideas because they have more impact and more coherent. While I agree to Lucy's idea of watching sports programs is promoting sedentary lifestyle, the other ideas are irrelevant or should I say off-topic because the main topic should be on sports programs and may not make a good in depth discussion of the topic.

In my point of view, I disagree sports programs directly effect on poor health of teenagers following 2 reasons.

At first, those programs introduce to everybody about kinds of sport and how to play well. It also help us understand about the benefits of doing those sports.

Secondly, there is a crease in laziness, then children don't want to do physical exercise and spend time too much on Internet or TV. This is not involvement in any sport program.

sports are good for health. its make u fit and healthy. on the other side watching sports on television can damage your health specially your vision. so its better to take parts in sports for an healthy and fit life.

Hi Simon

Can I write one agree opinion and three disagree opinions and make a disagree conclusion? Here are my opinions:


Sports programmes become more and more entertaining , young people are easily affected to follow some advertises but not to participate.


Those who rather watching than partaking sports will watch other programmes if there is no sports programmes, it is themselves rather than the programmes that lead to the poor health.

For normal youngster, they can learn some tricks from their idols on TV, which encourage them to partake physical activity. Moreover, the spirits of sport showing on TV will also inspire some youngster to choose sports as their career.

For those young people with disability, the success story of disabled sportsmen could inspire them to be confident and to compete with normal people.

When we write on such a topic, that is, disagree or agree essay. We can use our logical think to better our writing.

If we disagree, we can explain why we disagree and point out some other factors that are more vital that in the question.

If we agree, we can explain why we agree and eliminate some other factors to strengthen your statement.

Mere fact that some people prefer watching sports to actually partaking them does not contribute to the health problems. Health problems are more likely to happen from unbalanced lifestyles, usage of drugs such as alcohol or cigarettes and other factors. Watching sports or not is a matter of personal taste. For instance, there are millions of soccer fans who are really into the sports but they are not necessarily an active soccer player just because they love football.

an introverted child

I would disagree with the view.
Main reason is that I cannot argue with agreed view. I do not see any relations between sports programs and unhealthy young people. If the question were about TV programs in general, I would agree to some extend and would have some arguments related to that.

Going back to my answer, I would disagree and the following is my plan.

the sports programs actually have positive effect on physical activities

body 1:
. trigger young people to participate
- inspired by sports stars and encourages to play like them
. coaches urge the young players to watch the professionals to improve.

body 2:
. highly inactive children watch tv programs in general and not the sports specifically.

I'm having hard time to plan my second body paragraph. As I mentioned, I do not see any correlation between 'sports programs' and 'unhealthy boys.'

a nice topic in ielts official 10.

It is important for children to learn the difference between right and wrong at an early age. Punishment is necessary to help them learn this distinction.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this option?
What sort of punishment should parents and teachers be allowed to use to teach good behavior to children?
There has been an idea that parents should teach children when they are little to appreciate the good and bad things. Mandatory rules would be necessarily added to implement this process. In my opinion, I completely disagree with this view, and there would obviously not have any rule to punish them to learn at the young age from teachers and parents.
Firstly, the biggest reason which parents themselves should not let their children learning at a young age is an empty brain. Indeed, it can extremely be hard for children recognizing what is good or bad because they usually behave naturally with their characteristics. Secondly, if children will get annoyed and anxious, they will feel vulnerable and being punished and act negatively. Toddlers, for instance, usually become nervous when they are hitting or persuading by their father due to their actions.
In order to make children be understandable, parents ought to behave good and it thus lets toddlers mimic their actions and they then can learn and behave good as well. Moreover, parents definitely have to spend most of their time sitting and talking to children because of young age, they usually intend to duplicate exactly from their parents and step by step changing themselves as well. For teachers teaching at school, in terms of providing classes, they deliver well-organized and appropriate lessons to children and they then can practice and greatly develop themselves quickly.
In conclusion, surely, it can be clearly seen that, there should be no reasonable punishments for children who are really young. By parents acting to effectively to children and providing good lessons from teachers will positively aid children grow well.

It is certainly true that sports programmes telecasted on television have gained great poupularity these days than ever before.While i agree that watching these programmes have a negative imapct on the health of people ,particularly youngesters,I think there are some other important factors responsible for their bad health.

Sorry, My post is out off-topic. Just right now I've come across some valuable comments posted by Simon in the last few years.Guys, do read them. It's worth to spend some time to read these posts, because definitely better to learn from others mistakes.

Here one of those
Hi Adverb,

All of your ideas are really good. We don't say "people have a risk for", we say "people are at risk of" or "are more likely to".

I'd change the sentence to "People who play violent games are more likely to carry out destructive actions".


Posted by: Simon | Sunday, May 23, 2010 at 22:52

Please read "is off-topic"

Can anyone, Please mark my essay.

There is no doubt that sport programs -mainly soccer, golf, and cricket to name a few- are popular amongst youngsters in present days, and many of them spend a whole amount of time watching it. Having that, I personally believe, it would be far-fetched to suggest such programs are having negative effect on people. In fact, it has some positive aspects as well, as will now be explained.

First of all, there is no scientific evidence that viewing sports programs has detrimental impact on health, though, people argue eye disease is directly related to too much sitting in front of TV; but, it’s just a mere supposition. On contrary, many younger generation experience the positive energy brought by sports channels and learn games more effectively than having being on the actual field. As for instance, latest world cup soccer brought a lot of refreshment around the globe by allowing people across the continent to be a part of one game- which, of course, is good for friendship and mutual understanding.

Secondly, it has been found that people watching such games are more interested in playing. This is because the amount of media coverage and live telecast makes them to understand the game better: they know rules better, they get influence by its popularity; and all of these circumstances further make them to play out-door with friends, family and colleagues. This development, of course, is a positive one and there is nothing to argue. Indeed, it is a fact that people who watch game want to be best player that on television, and thus either play by themselves or inspire their family member.

To conclude, sports is a positive a game that brings enjoyment, refreshment and motivation in one’s life, and it is not a good idea to relate it with poor health, after all, viewing does not necessarily means not taking part in physical activity.

Dear Simon,

I would like to give a balanced view but a bit confusion comes up as I have two approaches for this.

First paragraph, it is true to some extent.
Second paragraph, there are other factors contributing factors such as having junk foods.

Another approach,

First paragraph, it is true to some extent.
Second paragraph, it is not true as it can bring some positive effects to some people.

Which approach will fulfil task response more. Please I'm always confused with this. I need your help?

Dear Simon,

I both agree and disagree

We should criticize these programs because
1. Sports programs such as football lasting about 90 minutes encourage sedentary life style among spectators.

2. Fans usually develop the habit of eating junk food while watching a game that leads to obesity in long run.

3. seeing sports creates too much excitement or anger affecting both mental and physical health of audience.

on the other hand sports programs are influential

1. Programs have the intention of motivating them to participate in some sports.It gives them the chance to watch various sports and choose their field of interest.

2. Some young people usually have a hero in their life and try to learn from players and develop their physical skills.

3. people often watch TV at night after a long tiring day at work or school. There is no energy to physically involve in a sport. Watching games on TV is definitely better than serials.

4. There are some people with special needs like wheelchair users who can not take part in physical activities. sport programs bring joy to them.

Of course that not an essay. just some ideas to mention.

Dear Simon,
In my opinion, Sports programmers are extremely impact to each person, especially teenagers. And I didn’t agree that these programmers to blame for poor health of many young people because of some reasons below:
- Poor health can be resulted of health diet, hard working in office without sports, sitting too much or eating a lot of fat foods, not doing exercise.
- Lazy people not playing sport would also lead to poor health because of lack of willingness or time to do exercise or suffering Internet or watching movie/other entertainment programmers instead of sport programmers.

Hope to hearing from your response.

It is true that TV sport programmes are so popular, and many youngesters are intensely passionate about them. While I agree that these programmes could be harmful to the overall health of young generations, I do believe that it could be helpful to others.

In the one hand, it is undeniable that spending too much time in front of TV programmes is a leading cause of many health problems . Many studies have shown that prolonged sedentary life styles are linked to the alarming rise of obesity among youngesters. Overweight youth, in turn, are at great risk of obesity- related diseases, which can affect every single system in the body. As a result, the overall health and fittness of youngesters are continuously declining if they don not engage in outdoor activities more frequently.

However, we cannot blame these programmes as the main culprit for increasing health issues to our children and adolescents. Apart from being a contributing factor to this growing issue, rather than the principle one,there are some benefits in following these programs. A recent research from Cambridge university has shown an increase in the intellectual capacity for people who are big fans of these programmes. This can be modulated, in a controlled manner, to broaden children's abilities and brain function. An earlier study from Australia reached the same conclusion and advised these programmes for adolescents who are deemed potential to be the national players representing their country, because these intellectual activities increase their coordination and performance.

To summarize, I believe that sport TV programmes can be deleterious for the young generations. However, it could be of extreme help if utilized in a controlled and a reasonable manner.

all types of new innovations have both plus points and negative points in this regard TV is no exception especially some TV programs such as the sports TV shows which have been successful enough to keep massively a large number of audience in front them for hours to an extend which lose the track of time.

It's true that all of these televised sports promote a kind of unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle among viewers but it seems to me that they follow a kind of instructive and informative goal.

as a matter of fact, coverage of sport by media would provide stimulus for young people to participate and attend in sport events and resume exercise so as to keep in a good shape and run a healthy lifestyle.
meanwhile,televised sports give them a chance to get familiar with rules ,qualified players and different sports fields and make them aware of things happening around them in the sports world.

on the other hand ,i accept the fact that they have had some drawbacks on people's social life.viewers can not learn some essential skills on sports TV shows such as decision-making,discipline,dedication,leadership and communication which are almost possible through playing sport outside.

Hi Simon,

My real opinion about the subject is I completely disagree on the view. I feel I can find enough reasons to support my idea so I would stick to it when writing the essay. Here are some reasons from me.

- Young persons are generally in search for someone who can be a role model to them. As often happens, they choose a person who is talented and famous as a role model, which can be easily come across in a sports shows.
- Youngsters might be influenced by Kobe Bryant, Messi or Sharapova who are extremely healthy and successful players. It is also very likely that these young people will imitate their role models and they will lead active lives.
- They can also improve themselves and learn new techniques about sports they are interested by watching sports shows.
- On the other hand there is no guarantee that if the young generation will stop watching sports programmes, they will start being active. On the contrary, they could easily prefer watching TV series or reality shows instead which are relatively as popular as sports shows among the youngsters.
- There are far more effective reasons to blame when it comes to unhealthy life style of young generation. Such as, fast food, time consuming useless reality shows or video games and most importantly poor education on the healthy life style.

p.s : just wondering though, whether the last reason is off topic or not.

hlw everyone

My full essay:
It is true that the youth spend too much time on watching sports channels on television. While I agree to some extent that these programs are responsible for the lack of health of young people by encouraging them to be spectators rather than being participants, I believe that there are some other factors that play roles in the unhealthy lifestyle of today’s youth.
There are several crucial reasons why I believe that the sport shows on television are one of the main factors affecting the poor health of their fans. Firstly, watching these programs is very time-consuming and occupies nearly the whole of a person’s spare time. For instance, a football match will take 90 minutes and if somebody wants to watch the entire game, it really takes too much time. Therefore, there will be no more time for real exercise. Secondly, many people normally follow these programs for fun, entertainment and relaxation rather than motivation for working out or learning something from them. Finally, these channels use the celebrities to attract more audience.
On the other hand, there are some other elements influencing the shortage of health in members of society. Today, the consumption of fast food is on the rise. Eating too much junk food may lead to the serious diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Also, young people tend to use the technological gadgets, such as the video games on laptops, excessively. Spending long hours playing these games, which eventually results in a sedentary lifestyle, has a negative impact on health. Moreover, it is people’s choice if they do not care about their health and well-being.
In conclusion, in my opinion, although sport channels have partly a detrimental effect on young people’s health, the impact of other factors should not be ignored.

1. sensational sports broadcasting encourages more teenagers to engage in the games
2. massive coverage of sports events play a key role in boosting people's awareness of the games
3. the enlightening pogrammes teach younsters techniques and tactics in athletic contest

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