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February 21, 2016


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Thanks a lot ....simon sir
Giving a great full help and vital advices

Thank you, simon.
Sadly, I sometimes forget some words and phrases that I learned before. Any way, I should keep on learning every day...

thank you Simon, I'm gradually losing my motivation but thanks to this I'm gaining it back. Keep moving forward.

thank you simon sir for inspiring us.

Thanks for your encouragement! I will try my best.

Dear Simon,about Reading 丫es No Not Given : ㄚes一 clearing give same meaning 0r Syn
however NO and NG 十his question misleading understanding usually because One Key Words Was misunderstanding by reader Even if having a lots of synomn in Passage that we are Searhing for,but One Key WOrds is tel1 a White lie trying misleading .???

Sir im.following ur posts for 2 months u r truly amazing who always helps their students sir im.having.my paper on coming saturday plz tell me.how to improve my result in reading

I have been following your posts for 2 months sorry sir

Thank you Sir for your lessons.
I have learnt from several blogs, but only your blog that make me addicted.

thank you for your motivation Simon .... It has been five days I am starting the day reading your blog .... Your method seems to be too simple for those who aim band 8+ with respect to other ielts instructors yet I find it very effective .
I have to take ielts for immigration purpose ...On Canadian skilled worker selection grid , 24 points are given for language proficiency . English 16 points French 8 points respectively . One needs L:8.5 R:8.5 Speaking:7.5 Writing: 7.5 to score 16 on English ... French sounds so alien to my ear and it is impossible to force myself to learn it ... It left me with no choice but to score as high as possible on English
I have been doing practice test for a week and now I 'm able to score 8+ on listening and reading .... I don't know which band I can get for my speaking but feel confident to score 7.5 if I keep practicing for a month or so ....The biggest problem is my writing .... It is very difficult for me to write anything formal even in my native language ... To me , writing needs some talent and interest otherwise u just don't have that patience to sit and write a full article .... And I really don't know how long it will take to get that 7.5 ...what's known to me is that I will keep practicing according to your advice till I achieve my goal ....By the way ,commenting is the only way to push myself into writing .... So please everybody don't take it too seriously :)
Simon I pray for your little princess and your beautiful wife , may God keep u all happy & healthy ... Blessings :)

@lala,may I Practice speaKing with You,I need the One with motivated like you,

Thank you

For those who find it difficult to remember words or phrases, try to write them in a small notebook and read them from time to time. Of course, you should know how to use them in real life conversation or in a sentence.

Practice makes perfect but if you practice the wrong way or using the wrong method then it defeats the purpose. Take time to check your methods by checking this blog everyday. I am sure it won't take a lot of your time.

I am not paid by anyone to promote this site, I am just like you guys here who find Simon's expertise the most comprehensive and time saving strategy/approach/method in the internet.

From Shakhzod

Hello there. Simon, hope you are doing well.

i wanted to ask from you something if you don't mind.

When we write our answers on the answer sheet could we cross it out and write it again next to to it if we confuse the answers.

Thank you in advance!

Thank you Simon...
I appreciate your supports, which motivate us to achieve our goal. Thank you

Yes, keep practising is the most effective ways to conquer the IELTS!

Thank you Simon, this is all I need now. Sometimes it 's hard to see progress, especially stressful days. Thank you! ^_^

Thanks Simon,i nearly lose my confidence for the IELTS, but that's right, move forward, little by little~

Absolutely brilliant your effort you made through this site. Day by day i have improved my IELTS knowledge and built my confidence gradually.

Thanks for your effort and Good luck.

Really thanks, Simon, I got this in time.....

Topic was on the youths are turning their back towards their old people. and i wrote this.

How much do you think i would score? i need an advice and some better ideas.

Due to the rise of modernization, People tend to leave their parents and move to places where they like the most for their comfort. There are some tasks which need to be done to stop this event.

In the 21st century People have changed their mindset to live with family compared to past. The majority of senior citizens have been facing this problem due to their lack of understanding and by their gap of generation. Followed by, It has certain affects to their mental heath and physical health.

Furthermore, The ancestors have experiences of their lives which might help their children to tackle the problems that they might face in their early time of period. Moreover, Results have shown that the majority of orphans have raised to almost 60% in last 10 to 15 years. Young generation need to be restraint in their early life in order to prevent those types of event. It has something to do with their school life and their social activities which generally old people find it useless.

To conclude, Each and every aspect are important to be considered as important as to teach them some respect towards the old generation, which can be accomplished in schools and homes by their teachers and parents respectively.

Hi Simon,

I have a question. Why listening section of academic ielts in some countries is held via headphone, while in others (England, London - once I have taken there) via speakers?

How should it actually be?

As for me, it must be held by means of speakers. Since everybody is gonna listen to professor at university not by means of headphone, but by ears that listen to whole sound in the auditorium.

Thanks Simon for keeping us motivated....

Keep going!! NEVER GIVE UP!

Thank you simon, This is really true... I'm keep getting improve day by day.

Thank you Simon.I really needed such a great encouragement.I wish you the best dear teacher.

Hello everyone,

Just trying my luck if anybody can help me or be my study partner? Im based in Singapore and working as a nurse. I need help in writing, that's all. I'm honestly struggling to get a score of 7. I'll be taking the exam on April 30th.

Hope this works.


HI Simon,

I am glad to say that i followed your blog to score band 7. In my first attempt my score in writing was 6. In my second attempt I got the required band in all parts of IELTS. I followed your keyword technique is exam to score good.

Also I have gone through your topic hints for writing essays. It also helped me a lot during exam. Instead of thinking about points to write in paragraphs, I remembered your topic hints and I could easily finish the Writing task 2 in time.

Thanks for the providing such a great help to students who are finding hard to complete their IELTS.

Congratulations Keerthika! I'm glad my lessons helped you to pass.

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