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February 07, 2016


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hi simon
thanks you for your great advice. these notes very useful for all ielts candidates

it is absolutely correct but why dont we use an adverb in this case. it would be simple. for instance, people mostly have the same idea.


'Mostly' describes the verb, not the noun, so the meaning is different.

i know, can you check this. most people have the same name. but we can either say people mostly have the same name. it makes sense right?

Some cities do not restrict how stylish and unique can be houses and offices that people construct. Do you think the advantages of this approach outweigh the disadvantages?

Could please guide with the recommended topic points on subject. Confuse with the words.What it ask for ? should authorities to restrict designer structure or usefulness to be considered ?

Most people recommend me your blog.
You make the Most difficult task look much more easier .
I m spending most of my time reading your advice ...thanks a million :)

i have problem to use a range of grammar in my speaking and writing to regard this issue i know all of them but i dont use it ,what is your suggestion ?

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