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February 29, 2016


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Thanku Simon sir for your incredible job..... I would like to request you ,to start giving some passages to solve us by giving answers for that passage in the following Monday . I hope this is good idea for all of us.

I really enjoyed the course and I made use of it and the reading part looks much easier now.thank you simon for your help and for the remarkable efforts that you exerted

I can't wait for the March course... Already enrolled :-) roll on March!!!

tk soo much. Great teacher, Simon!

I have applied for IELTS general module. I get stressed because of my unawareness about some evaluation rules! For example, is it important having unique accent in speaking? I mean, can we use hybrid(British and American) accent? and also, what about in writing?

It was a very helpful weekend course, thank you Simon for making every thing simple and clear, I am now feel more pointed of what I should do and how I should start to prepare my self for my first IELTS Test, really thank you is not enough to say.


Thanks Monty and Mona. I'm glad you found the course useful. See you on the next course Hanna!



Don't worry about accent - it isn't important at all. Just aim for clear pronunciation. In the writing test, both British and American spelling are accepted.

Tank you very much.
One of the best web site that I 've ever seen is your site.

No problem Reza. I'm glad you like my site!

Plz em so worried as I have to achiev band 7 .... I used to achiev
6.5 in reading ... em not good in picking ideas of those given paragraphs .. plz need help ... any book etc that can improve my reading ???

Dear Simon,

I would like to ask you a question about ielts reading test. I wrote T/F/NG instead of True/False/Not Given is it wrong? I cannot find any information about this case. I would be grateful if you answer my question.

Best Wishes,

Just keep following my lessons Gul.


Zeki, don't worry. As far as I know, it's fine to write T/F/NG.

Thank you Simon,

I was very nervous about this case, I feel really relax know.

Thank you again,

By the way, I negotiated with IDP Offical Center and they told me;

-If you are write T instead of True thats True!
-If you are write Y instead of Yes thats True!
-If you are write NG instead of Not Given Thats True!
-BUT If you are write T instead of YES this isnt True and same for No/False.

I hope it works for you.

This is Offical announcement.

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