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February 05, 2016


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Hello Simon

Your daily lessons are really lifesavers!

I would like to ask you a question: my teacher says there are only 15 seconds to answer each question in the part 1 and he is timing my responds. Is that true? Do we have worry about our answers in terms of alotted time?

Thank you in advance

I am not sure whether I should answer every question in more than 2 sentences or 2 is enough

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@ Dear Simon
Today,I have got my IELTS result AND JUST WANT TO THANK YOU SO MUCH as your website and Ebook was really helpful and without you I definitely could not get this
Listening 8.5
reading 7
writing 7
speaking 6.5
overall 7.5

However,I need at least 7 in each skill to become registered as a doctor in the UK but definitely,next time I can get it.
Thank you

From my personal experience, examiners were not patient enough to hear longer answers in part 1, which seems quite opposite to the opinions in some books written by some examiners. I guess 'opinion+reason' is enough and there is no need to introduce an example.

1) Questions related to me, my personal life, my interests, my hobbies and so on
2) They expect us to handle some personal conditions and questions, and continue talking without unnecessary pauses. Task response is important. for example: Do you go like music? YES I DO. then explain why?
3) I'm not sure whether there is special technics. I can't accept there is another way to response questions such as: What is your name?
4) I my opinion part 1 is not a big challenge for candidates.

Thank you Simon ...

1.I think the examiners would like to know your basic information of yourself.
2.The examiners expect you to show your ability using English language.
3.Prepare the topics before the exam and practice them again and again.
4.How to develop the answers of part 1 by ourselves during the period of preparing.

Dear Simon,

Today I just got my results: 7.5, 9, 6.5, 6.5, overall 7.5. I have followed your lessons for more than three months and I learned so much. I really appreciate your effort and without it I don't think I can finish the reading and writing within 60 minutes. All your techniques are very brilliant and they make me fall in love with IELTS gradually. Although I still have to resit for the test because I need four 7s. I was really over the moon today. Thank you so much Simon and I wish you all the best!

My friend says to me not to explain to much in the frst part and answer should be to the point .
iin my case i start to speak too much sometime even couldnot stop myself to giving example .

Hi Simon,

just got my ielts result. Not good enough.


Bit disappointed as I need 7 in all components.

Please have more videos and eBooks ASAP!

Resit next 2 weeks.

I really think speaking is the part that we hardly prepare of. It always caught us off guard with questions (Part 3) like how do you define happiness? What government can do to make people happy? And they expect us answer in a succinct 3 sentences. Hmmm I sometimes make me wonder how the native or rather Band 9 student will answer.

Looking forward for more videos and essay and blogs and everything!!

Thanks Simon!

1. Common topics (e.g. your cities or families.)
2. Ability to speak Enlish naturally.
3. I think it's important to prepare well because the realm of topics is limited.
4. I worry about my recognition described above.

Thanks for your answers.

Keep going Sepideh, Hollanda and Adrian. You're nearly there!

Hi Sepieh,Hallanda and Adrian
can you three please tell me about how you three prepare
for listening and speaking me too I need at least 7 in each part and 7.5
over all . I couldn't get more than 6 in my 5 exams
can you please explane to me your ways and the resources
that you used and did you use ielts books from Cambridge and I
hope you all get the score you need next time.


Hi Simon
Can u pls help me get a 7 in speaking exam? I took d exam recently and got only 6. I Really need it badly for my visascreen renewal USA. Do you do speaking tutorial over skype? Tnx

Hi ,anyone especially doctor , who becomes tired of struggling for getting desired score plz contact me, as I'm also suffering with the same situation..

I have done two times.firstly I got 5.5 .Then 7.I believe part 1 is the chance to make our mind to part 2 & 3.during in part 1 we should come to the correct track.Otherwise it is difficult to face like part 2 or 3.

am going to take ielts general exam on 30th July if any one can help me pleasssssse my sky I'd safina.safina6. right now am living in Saudi Arab.

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