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February 12, 2016


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Is this video for free? I cant find it?

Thank you very much. I made up my mind to persist in your strategy.

By the way, when are you going to upload the next video (for part3), and will it be the final one?

Bought it! Im bit type A. will have my exam next week! only able to got 3 videos on speaking. Sigh. wish i had more before the D day. email me if you have more.

I want to prepare for ielts test i need your help and some lessons and videos for this purpose thanx and regards


It's not a free one I'm afraid. It's the last video at the bottom of my video course website's home page. It's Speaking lesson 3.



Probably next Friday. It will be another lesson about part 2: describe a place. I'm trying to make a lesson for each of the main topic areas in part 2. So, after 5 more lessons I'll move on to part 3.



I hope you like the lesson. Sorry I can't make them more quickly, but good luck in your test!



Just use the free lessons here on my blog, or the video lessons on the website linked below:


Hii..my problem..speaking is very poor..so what can I do ..the requirement of band is 6.5...plz tel me how my speaking is improved ...plzzz help me..running

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