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February 14, 2016


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I agree with you...there are many advanced words in dictionaries. However " less common " should be used in writing task 2.

Thanks you for your report, i really want to learn writing skills in that way.

Tks Simon. However, if many people read this post and learn to use these less common phrases, they may become most common ones.

sir please give tips to write introduction also . your video related to conclusion was very effective please provide something like this for introduction.

Hello teacher Simon. My name is Binh and I am preparing myself for an IELTS test. However, I have difficulty in writing and speaking skills. As you said on the blog, we need to use collocations and uncommon words, but I don't know many. Perhaps when I listen to a tape/ a conversation or read an article, I hear people use words that I know, but when writing and speaking, I can't remember to use them. So how can I improve this? Please give me some advice.Thank you!

Sir. With all due respect, I do not think the idea of "the Internet news is not environment damaging" is fully extended. Can you give some explanations about this point?

Sir, I am very new to ilets i don't have much idea about it. I do not know my weak points as well as my strong points will you please help me to make it easier please reply as soon as possible.

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