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February 28, 2016


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I've always been too frightened to learn any of those 'dramatic' expressions as they are likely to mess up all my ideas. I am a beginner, after all.

Thanks for your improved examples, Simon!

They are much more better...
thank you Simon

Hi Simon,
could we'll write these kinds of simple and suitable phrases in our writings?
- with more exercise?
- applying suitable phrases?
- be aware from the English language structures

Please help us,sir...

1. It is widely accepted that
Have a positive impact on
Physical and mental health

2. Sth will not ,by itself,do Sth
Overall improvement in

3. Measures should be taken

Thank you Simon ... I wish u can do more of these sentence correction& improvement exercises ...for me , I always have tons of ideas for essays but can't put them into sentences


How lucky you are Lala by having tones of ideas...
The main problem with writing is during test, the brain become flat!
Thank you Simon...

Remember: good writing is clear and easy to read!

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