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February 24, 2016


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It is true than increasing number of people from rural areas or small towns decide to live in large cities every year. Living in cities undoubtedly has some drawbacks for inhabitants, and authorities can mitigate these negative consequences of urbanisation by taking certain measures.

Nice strategy to write an introduction.But, I am really feeling problem to write a sound conclusion.some tips are really desired from you teacher.

It is certainly true that people not only did leave the country to find a new life abroad but they also moved from countryside to the cities. They moved in search of a better life but, unfortunately for many, they found something that was worse than the conditions they had left behind. In my opinion, various measures can be taken by governments to improve city life for the average inhabitant.
City life has several drawbacks. Firstly, although the big city has more job opportunities; there are usually more people competing for a single vacancy. By receiving continuous rejection from employer one could suffer from continuous unemployment. Having trouble finding a job individual can be really stressful. Secondly, the cost of living in cities is higher than in rural areas. For instance, apartments’ rent prices in the capital of XXX are two times higher than those in the countryside. Moreover, there are problems like traffic congestion and crime. To sum up, migrating people should understand that life in cities is not always easy.
However, there are several methods can be implemented by governments to deal with the situation. The best way to improve city life is to stop or slow migration process within country. This can be done by improving small towns and the rural economy. For example, creation of new job vacancies in the rural areas and / or lend to small farmers with the low interest rates may cause boom in the economy. In addition, development in the education infrastructure can attract an interest of the prospective students.
In conclusion, governments should tackle the bad sides of the living in cities by stabilizing overall living standards and economic conditions throughout country.

Beautiful intro ..

Nowadays, there are many people immigrate to cities hoping for a better life, but living in cities also has their own problems, such as high cost of living, being stressful and pollution. As far as I am concerned, governments had better improve the quality in small towns, improve public transport in cities to reduce the over population in cities.

It is true that many people migrate to cities for a better lifestyle.However, this trend has several issues such as over-crowding and pollution, which should be addressed by the government by taking appropriate measures.

The two biggest threat of the rapid influx of people into cities are over-population and pollution. When increasing people migrate to cities the total number of residents living increases, which leads to rising cost of living, expensive house prices, inflation in prices of basic commodities, unemployment and poverty.As human population increases, the city is burdened with pollution, there is more generation of waste and usage of vehicles. For instance, in cities such as London and New york, more and more people migrate for better life leading to rising unemployment and an average cost of living.
The Government could certainly make more efforts to tackle this problem. They could develop adjacent towns and villages in order to accommodate the growing population and ensure that benefits of urbanisation are reaped by all citizens.They could also improve public transport as it would encourage people to commute to cities for work rather than moving into cities. Finally, Authorities could introduce laws, such as in Beijing, wherein people who migrate do have access to free education and health care unlike. As a result, of this people choose to reside in nearby town and travel to Beijing for work.

In conclusion, Government could play a crucial role in managing the problem of increasing people moving to cities by urbanising towns and improving public transport services.

In 21th century, There are more bewilders who have carvings to abandon their native city to other places ,wanting themselves in the alteration from reasonable factors.it is the mobilization process of people from one country to others is called migration.Migration can cause the people to leave their country for several reasons ,Migration can be divided into classes -social migration, economic migration, environmental migration ,political migration.socially, The most of the people have made such decision that they can live there easily, finding more comfortable living standard and better job opportunity ,which will alleviate their hard condition.having lived there temporarily, Some of them encountered with uncertainty, which they had not hoped to be unexpectedly bad, got into these problems.The migrants, who planned to go there as a workforce for exploiting from the job carrier,had found difficulties that there are really enough vacant places for job-seeker, however, the country has also expats and aboriginal community.in addition ,the people being acceptable for lucrative job, can't pay off their living cost in normal case.having lived in a rural area, they could not expect that the utility of rental home or others utilities would be completely different than they previously thought.The most of the people,can also leave their country for the politically reasonable concerns ,such as conflicts among sides.Another portion of people also deserts their country for phenomenally destructive disaster which put their life insurance under the perilous circumstances
for abolishing these related problems ,The mostly appointed joint initiatives by Government should have reduced these risks to be possibly done for migrants,caring their interests in comprehensive scopes, such as farming and education and so on. In education sphere,hey should have provided their students with high- qualified infrastructure as well astute tutors, to whom they can basically illustrate everything in details.They had better put forward innovative suggestions of building up extension of workplaces to satisfy their needs
to recapitulate, having scrutinized these severe problems of migrants living reason,these concerns should be solved by government forces for each their healthy generation and more savvy candidates.

it is true that many people have been trying to settle down in urban areas for a secured and high- standard life. However, life in cities is not as easier as one thinks over. This essay will explain some major problems about integrating into cities and how governments can tackle this sort of problem.
There are several issues one has to face while living in cities. One of the main problems would be financial crisis. In other words, everything is expensive from transport to accommodation. For example, if you simply want to rent a room in london , it costs around £500 in minimum. Another key problem could be an excessive amount of air and noise pollution. This can lead to various diseases such as asthma and deafness in a long-term. Furthermore, city life is more crowded and stressful compared to rural life. Therefore, some people may not enjoy peaceful life due to busyness.
Governments can implement various measures in order to tackle the above mentioned issues. First and foremost, affordable salaries to its employees according to areas should be a major priority. If so, people can enjoy affordable housing. secondly, in order to control vehicles in downtowns, a ticket system can be implemented for each vehicle which enters the particular area. Also, if governments were able to ease public transportations such as train and bus, more people would use public services. As a result, pollution level could be minimised to some extent. Lastly, big companies can be relocated towards the outskirts of cities. Consequently, people working in cities would not need to commute which may have a positive impact on public transportation.
In conclusion, although may high-skilled and unskilled manpower are immigrating towards cities in search of a better life, this problem can be mitigated while applying appropriate rules and regulations by the government.

It's true that an increasing number of people are moving to cities in order to improve their standard of living. Even if cities can provide them with better facilities and job opportunities, the cost of living in cites can be much higher than in countryside and life in cities can be very stressful.

There are obvious reasons why living in cities can be very difficult. Firstly, the cost of living is much higher in cities. Most commodities for basic living like food and clothes are much more expensive in cites. In additional, they need to pay the rising rent for housing. Secondly, even though there are lots of jobs with higher salaries, the qualifications for those jobs can be very high, and therefore working pressure from those jobs is much higher than living in countryside. Finally, people who migrant to cities after working at very stressful circumstance can get some diseases, some of which can have extremely harmful effects on their bodies.

Some effective measures must be adopted to improve this situation. Firstly, governments can come up with some powerful regulations to restrict the number of people moving into cities. Furthermore, governments should provide basic financial support to people migrating to cities, such as, providing them with some housing subsidy to lower their living cost and offering citizens with more public transportations to reduce their traffic expense. Finally, governments should set more funds to improving the economy of small towns and rural areas.

In conclusion, it’s clear that cities have a lot of advantages like better jobs opportunities and basic services. But people moving from countryside to live in cities can lead a very hard life for above reasons, and also there are some suggestions mentioned above can improve the circumstance.

The migration from rural areas to cities to reach a better life is increasing continuesly, but people who are migrating to cities should know that city life has a lot of difficulties. I believe that government should improve the standard of living in urban areas by taking certain measures.

could anyone make a comment about my introduction?

How can i view the main body part?

Hi, Simon.
I have a question:how long a sentence should be in an essay? I mean, I sometimes write some pretty long sentences to demonstrate my ability. But I also find that in some sample essays,long sentences(with about 40 words) are rare. So, how long a sentence should be in a band 9 essay?
Thank you!

Cities are often seen as places of chance, but there are also some major drawbacks of living in a large metropolis. In my view, government could do much more to improve city life for the average inhabitant.
The rising the number of people migration to cities have several negative effects. It is undeniable that the level cost of living in the city is higher than that of rural areas which involves the food security problems becoming a crucial issue and receiving the attraction from people. Besides, the trend towards living in the urban could not only result in traffic congestion, but it also might lead to unemployment rate at high level. Therefore, most people don’t have enough ability to remain their lives and they have no other choice except doing work that is not suit with their qualification. Let’s take students who graduated from Ha Noi universities in Viet Nam as an example about the difficulty in finding good jobs opportunities.
However, there are some methods can be implemented by governments to deal with this situation. Instead of only focusing the investment on urban economy, local government should improve small towns and the rural economy. For instance, if governments support finance for farmers of small operations with low interests as well as basic background of farming and cutting-edge technology in agricultural field, farmers may have stable income sources by agricultural products. By dint of this, the statement of immigration will decrease gradually by the effort from both government and even the cooperation of citizens. In addition, improving public transportation can seriously impact to the development of city. Citizens could benefit more thanks to environment ecological sustainability such as reducing traffic congestion if governments impose strict rules on public transportation.
In conclusion, although having negative issues of living in the city, I believe that government will have lots of suitable solutions to tackle for these problems.

Nowadays, there are many people immigrate to cities hoping for a better life, but living in cities also has their own problems, such as high cost of living, being stressful and pollution. As far as I am concerned, governments had better improve the quality in small towns, improve public transport in cities to reduce the over population in cities.
Living in cities has its own drawbacks. The cost of living there is higher than rural areas’. Stuff, for example, clothes, food, service, ect. in cities are more expensive than countryside’s In addition, many people in cities are unemployed because of overcrowded population there. It is not easy to have a job in cities, Pollution is one of the problem which cities have to face. Smoke, polluted air, polluted water from major plants of traffic means enable cities to be not as good as many people consider.
In my opinion, governments should adapt methods to make urban life better for not only residents there but also for migrants. Building social housing leading more people not to worry about where to live seems to be a good idea. Fewer people living on public areas, fewer robberies happen in cites. Moreover, improving public transport really do help. If more and more residents tend to use public transportation, the polluted air in cities will reduce significantly.
In conclusion, life in urban is not as good as many people imagine. It itself has its own drawbacks. The governments should make cities life much more better for everyone.

It is often the general belief that living in the metropolis is the ideal life. In reality, residing in the city comes with a number of drawbacks.

in problem/solution essays should we use one paragraph for problems and other for solutions, or one for a big problem and its solution and the second one for another problem/s and its solution/s?
Thank you

It is certainly true that many people tend to migrate to big city in order to persue their future. Although there are may difficulties in cities, government could certainly play a vital role to ease the problem of city life.

There are various negative aspect of city life. Firstly, the cost of living in many city is so high. From my own experience; I used to pay almost double the money while living in London than i am paying now in Kent. Secondly, the rate of crime and number of homelessness are significantly higher in cities according to the survay done in Nepal last months by social service. Finally, cities are densely populated and highly polluted in comparison to country sites as we can seen the differnce in London and Devon.

Neverthenless, government could certenly do more to tackle those problem that has been described above. First of all local authority can build more affordable house to reduse the price of rent and tackle the problem of homelessness. On top of building houses, they can invest more open local business and company to attract people to get job locally rather than influxing to city. Last but not the least; government can invest to improve public transportation in order to discourage people to drive their private vehicle into the city centre.

In conclulion, I believe the government can certainly do more to tackle many problems that are anticipated in cities.

There is an ongoing trend that tons of people are relocating to the urban for a better quality of living. Though there are many challenges for urban dwellers, I think there are some feasible approaches for the administration to resolve them.

There are two main problems that almost every city encounters. On the one hand, cost of living is way much higher than the countryside, which requires higher income to make ends meet. The Influx of people results in a higher rental, which further increases the prices of most things. On the other hand, the unemployment rate is sometimes higher because of a shortage of jobs and excessive supply of workforce. For example, five million rural people are flocking to Shenzhen for more opportunities; meanwhile, the metropolis is facing a severe economic downturn, making the job market worse than before.

However, governments could take two measures to alleviate the problems respectively. Firstly, the local authority could construct a series of public housing on the outskirts of the city along with convenient public transport system. It could effectively reduce the pressure of living and make the city more liveable. Secondly, foreign direct investment is a good source to create jobs, and it could also give local talents a chance to learn advanced technique and profession. For example, Hong Kong specializes in leveraging the foreign capitals to create more vacancies for job seekers and advance the city's competitiveness in the financial industry.

In conclusion, governments could find some viable solutions to tackle the urban problems in the wake of inevitable urbanization.

Excellent essays in simple English . Argumentsare within the capacity of an average student - We like some more

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