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February 20, 2016


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hello sir, in my last exam I got R,W-7 L,S-6.5 and now m giving exam again and i need L 8 RWS 7. please help me wat should i do? and how can increase score in each module?

Hi Simon, I've learnt a lot from you and thank you so much. But today in my test I've forgotten to complete my last sentence in writting Task 2, while the words account was enough and I completed the first 'in conclusion' sentence. Will there be a great influence on my score? :( really upset after realized that...

I am looking for a speaking buddy.
skype : sam.lim1107
my score is 6.5 and I am aiming for 7 point in speaking.
please contact me, only serious examinee.
I will be available from 9pm to 11pm Sydney time.
I hope we could have a mock test at least 2 times a week.

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