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March 19, 2016


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Dear Simon,

Could you please provide some ideas about this topic?
"Many people try to look younger than they really are. What are the reasons for that? Is it a positive or negative development?"

thank you so much for your advice , you
eeassure me because some people said if I use someone 's ideas especially writing , I will lose marks .

it's true that you are not word's inventor but your methods in IELTS preparation are very useful...

Thank you very much for your website and for all of your materials SIMON, your website improves my English as well as my IELTS techniques.

Today I just took the IELTS test in Thailand, and I would like to share the topic question for TASK 2 to many candidate friends here:

Sorry, I can remember the exactly question but the question is about:

"Many people live in the society where goods are cheap.
this is advantage or disadvantage ?

for TASK 1: describe bar graph, gives information about tourists from several countries using different kinds of transportation for their travel in New Zealand, in 2004.

Anyway, I did not that good in the Writing test today, So I will retake the test soon, and Good luck everyone ' )

Hello dear Simon,
What if I deviated from my essay topic.I took my academic module today and my essay task 2 question was 'AS YOUNDG PEOPLE ARE MAIN RESOURCES TO A COUNTRY,WAHT ARE THE MAIN PROBLEMS THEY ARE FACING,WHAT SOLUTION YOU CAN SUGGEST FOR GOVERNMENTS TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEMS(that's what I remember ).But I have mistaken the category of people as 'children' instead of 'young people'.And I wrote essay pertaining to children about their educational problems and its solutions.How would it will affect my essay evaluation and marking?..plz reply me.Thank you

Hi everyone
i took my ielts academic test yesterday and i want to share some questions with u .
writing Qs
task 1 was about 2 graghs one of them shows the steel production,imports and consumption in UK while the other gragh was about number of employee in the steel industry .both were from 1970 to 2000
task 2 question
some people think that university education is just to get better job while others see many advantages of university education .talk about both views and write what's your opinion?
speaking question
what's your name? where are you from?
tell me about your home town ?
do u think it is better to grow your children here or in your town and why ?
tell me about one event happened to u that u couln't forget ? and where was it ?and why?
do u think people r happy ?and why ?
what does happiness mean to u ?
what makes old people happy ?
do grandparents usually live alone in your country?
do u think people who r not happy can change themselves and be happy ?
That was all i remember and sorry for my grammar mistakes.

i forgot to tell u that reading part was hard for me and the thing that surprised me is the 2nd passage was more difficult than the 3rd one .

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