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March 13, 2016


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Hi Simon

if we use are instead of include, will this make the sentence less natural

The problems that urban inhabitants face are a high cost of living, social problems, and poor air quality.

Hi Simon,

I know that to talk abt an event in the future planned or decided, we can use present continuous and future continuous. But i dont unsually hear native speakers use future continuous.

is this alright to use one of them in the ielts.

Thanks in advanced!

"City dwellers" seems unnatural to me ..... How can we start 3 sentences with " people who live in the city " in a single essay ?

FROM Shakhzod.
HI, guys.

Browsing old posts I felt quite happy as I was reading Martin's posts but coming back to over the last two years posts I realized that MARTIN was not really active any more which made me pretty sad!

Martin, if you are still checking this website, i would like to say that we are missing your examples!


Hi Simon. I wonder how you suggested this lesson since here in my country, our teacher try to learn us how make sentences ( like the below one ) more complicated than it used to be.To illustrate, we convert this: "People who live in cities face various problems" into " People living in a city face various problems" even its nicer if you put hassles, for example, rather than problems in that sentence. Do you mind if you give me some feedback?
Thank you for your time and attention in advance.

Excellent idea.. Simon is right. It's not about difficult words but it's about the language elegance.

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hi Simon,
OK,but when we are using from "with" or "to" after "face"? please guide me Simon

@lala,THE 2nd para of an essay ,pronoun indicated the 3rd person so introduction write the people who...

1) people who live in the city face various problems
2) the problem that inhabitant city faces include air poor quality, pollution and lack of clean water

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