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March 29, 2016


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Thank you Simon,
It was interesting.

hello simon
i cannot play your video lessons . i dont know what happened. is there any problem with your videos or i have problem with my computer? however i can play any videos in you tube.

Thanks a lot Simon


Hi bee,

Really sorry about that. My website provider decided to update all of their websites today with a new design!

I saw the "playlist is not found" message earlier, but the website is now working for me. You might need to log out and re-open my video site in a new webpage. Let me know if the problem persists. Hopefully it's just because of the design update.

Thanks for your patience.

Thanks mr simon
Problem is solved .
I can play all videos now.

Dear Simon
In one of your Writing Advices you have said that correcting yourself is ok (crossing, adding sth). But what about accuracy? Does not it count as accuracy?
Thanks in advance)

It could have been easier for us to spell the words if they didn't change the old version . Words shows the meaning directly .


Plz share more of these .

Dear Simon,
I have attempted IELTS couple of times and both times I have got consistent score.
(Listening - 6, Reading - 6, Writing - 6.5, Speaking - 5.5)
This explains my current English level. I'm planning to take the exam once again to improve my score and booked it for June 04, 2016. Any suggestions for better preparation would be highly helpful.

Thanks in advance,

Very interesting. Thank you :)

How about the origin of the name "simon"?

Here is the answer from Wiki: Simon is a common name, from Hebrew שִׁמְעוֹן Šimʻôn, meaning "He (God) has heard."

differencely perspective , since overiews the harsh reading sections 2, 3 , perhapes the orginal words leads what the paragraph is shown exactly , timely, and accurately . if you were knowledge of etymologia it would be bomber


Hello everyone.

I got Cambridge IELTS 11 practice book.

Here are some Part 1 questions

Food and eating

What sort of food do like eating most?
Who normally does the cooking in your home?
Do you watch cookery programmes on TV?
In general, do you like eating out or eating at home?

Simon, could you cover these questions on your next speaking posts?

I will write other speaking questions soon.

Thank you


can you share test 1 listening cd on youtube?
Tomorrow my exam will be.it is crucial.
Thanks in advance


You can download it from TWIRPX.COM for free.
Or leave your email so that I send you CD

[email protected]

Good luck with you exam!

I'm glad you found the video interesting.

Thanks Peter Vu, I had never looked that up :)

thank you SIMON for the explore this useful Youtuber

I am glad that you clarified my query.

that video wasnt interesting to me, its boaring.

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