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March 04, 2016


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Thanks very much for your efforts. I would suggest sports event. Thanks

hi simon,
i think concert or musical event could be the best choice...

Under the snow,be careful!

For me, the most difficult event to describe would be a festival.

Living in Brazil, I would have to choose Carnival. However, as I have never been to Rio de Janeiro to see it, I would have to invent a few details !!

Discribing concert and musical event is the most difficult topic for me because I have no experence and am not interested in those events.

Dear Simon, I have a question which I hope you can help me.

If I remembered and said the same paragraph with other people in part 2, would I suffer a mark loss in Speaking part?

Thank you Simon!

i think it's case to case basis, like in our country. we have a lot of festivals so it's very easy for me to describe it. I'm going to say the festivals are flamboyant and delighted.


I chose the theme of the event being 'special' - because any type of event can be described as special.

I then thought of lots of other ways to say that an event was special. For example:

- memorable, unforgettable
- a day to remember
- a once-in-a-lifetime experience
- I enjoyed every minute
- I was blown away by... (meaning 'I was very impressed by)

By preparing a simple 'theme' like this, you can make sure that you have some good vocabulary for any 'event' question.

Thanks Simon! I really like your repertoire of vocabulary on different topics and I also build my own bit by bit.

By the way, it's great to see your comment again, Pete! I wish you all the best!

You are my best teacher for ILETs ....Thanks ever such a lot Simon

dear simon ,
can i describe my marriage as aspecial event ?

The event which I would like to mention is the event of a social gathering two years ago in the city club where I happened to meet our country legendary cricketer Mr. Imran Khan whom I aspire a lot. Since my childhood I have been watching him on television playing cricket and has been a roll model for me. In that social gathering I was lucky enough to see him; shook hands with him; took autograph from him and also took picture with him. I would definitely say that my dream came true on that occasion and I feel blessed. I can never forget that event of social gathering as it was one in a life time experience.

Its great to be here, infact you sive very effective tips for ilets. thank you.

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