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March 18, 2016


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I had my speaking test yesterday in China and the part 2 topic was exactly about "a film that I enjoyed". I'll share my ideas after tomorrow's written exam.

By the way, I must say you're a decent person, Simon, and you really deserve the payment because of your commitment, dedication and passion for all the years past.

Theme for favorite topics:
Film: stars,Kind of story,memorable scene, best dialogue, visual effect.
Book: type of story, significant outline, beginning and ending, message/point of story.
Site: Design, Categories, status of User friendly, covers variety of content.

Theme for favourite book and film:

Book: historical novel, to be a big reader, couldn’t put it down, an e-book, to flick through
Film: an action movie, a blockbuster, soundtrack, special effects.

Vocabulary for the 'film' theme:

- the leading role
- create a transcendent cinematic experience
- make me misty-eyed
- make me get so emotional
- have our emotions manipulated by a film
- a tearjerker, a weepy
- a sob story

Vocabulary for the 'book' theme:

- I was hooked.
- find it hard to resist it
- keep turning the pages
- a happy ending
- plots full of twists and turns
- a light easy read
- highbrow, the classics
- e-reader, read off a screen

By the way, the writing task 2 question for today’s exam in China was:
Some people believe that everyone should be free for healthcare. Others say that we should pay for our own healthcare.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sadly, I was stuck for development in the task 1 report about describing three bar charts, thus, not having enough time for the task 2 essay. Because of that, I might have to resit the test again even though I’ve got better confidence in the other three modules. Really ashamed of myself!

special features are -protected from viruses.download make easy. key features protect the identity of people . sending mail need special password to open the letter which use in organization . search engine so powerful.

Film- cast particular scenery adaptation smooth
Book- original best-selling book nonfiction irony typical story science fiction imagination
Website- keyword search engine spread night owl
Get useful info hi-tech 4-D

Hi simon,

i took my speaking test last week and my part two question was :
describe any person in the news that u want to meet.

it is okay to answer a newscaster? or it will be off-topic if i describe a newscaster? thank you..


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