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March 26, 2016


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Happy Easter, Simon!

By the way, could you please give a lesson about dealing with coherence in writing task 1? I suppose you haven't mentioned this area in task 1 before but I personally have difficulty in it.

Your help is very much appreciated!

Thanks a lot. But would you mind to make sentences to illustrate and clarify these phrases?

hello simon
in your writing task 1 video lesson 3 you said, shop A sold 100 mobile phones, but less than 25 laptops.
can we say fewer than 25 laptops because laptops are countable.

please solve my confusion.

Happy Easter James! In task 1, I think the coherence comes from the order in which we describe the information. In other words, the key is to "select" well. Maybe you could analyse my sample answers from this perspective.



Just go to Wednesday's lesson to see the full paragraph.



This is an interesting grammar point. "Fewer than" is the strictly correct version, but "less than" is becoming so common among native speakers that it is very often used for plurals these days. For example, if you search on Google, you'll see that there are more results for the phrase "less than 250 words" than for the phrase "fewer than 250 words". You'll find many more examples like this.

So, it seems that I have used some "common English" instead sticking to the grammar rules! All native speakers do this I'm afraid.

Here's a good discussion of this grammar point:


Dear Simon
I just want to ask you about Speaking Test.
You have mentioned in your Speaking video lesson that in the exam eye contact is not important. But most of teachers say that it is really essential. Do I loose my mark because of this thing?
Thanks in advance)


Please believe me on this. There are no points for eye contact or body language.

Thanks simon
Problem solved

Thanks a lot for your reply Simon! :-)

Thanks for your tips, Simon. I'll try to do it.

James Z.

it seems to me that you've already taken the exam, haven't you?

hello Simon
is there any new lessons?

Hi Simon and others,

Can you please make an example for the first phrase?
Kinda confuse.

Can I use this phrase for the subject as "The criminal behaviour is ....." ???

Thank you.

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