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March 05, 2016


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Hello simon...I want to thank you for ur useful website which helped me a lot in my prepn....i could only go thru some parts of speaking n general writing cuz I had v less time...im done with my exam n hoping to get a band 7...

I want to share my experience ..... ielts GT module on 5 march... centre: riyadh

Speaking part 1:

Do u work or are you a student?
Can you talk about ur work?
R u going to continue that in future?
Do u do anything in a hurry?
N does it end up nice or messy?
Is there anything that u wud nevr wana do in a hurry?
Do u like social networking?
When was the first time u got intro to it?
Do u think u will use it more or less in future?

Speaking part 2
Describe a car journey which u had ...
With whom
What did u see
Y did u njoy
Wat made it memorable

N 2 qs here related to what I said...

Speaking part 3

Is it common for ppl to have more cars in ur country..?
How do cars affect the environment?
Do u think ppl in ur country think that if they use more cars it will affect the environment?
Wat can govt do to tackle this prob?
Do u think its better if everybody has a car in ur country??

Honesty speaking I was so afraid of speaking session, but I couldn believe that I did it so well ... I answered all the qs very fluently without pausing to think about my vocab or sentence structure...n when the test got over ,I felt that omg is it really over... however part 2 was a lil bumpy ride. All in all I felt like I had nailed this part of ielts

PS : first of all, find out ur weakness.... then, follow simon advice in tat particular aspect...! I had first hand experience.

Writing task 1:
U had an appointment with ur frn yesterday n u did not show up n ur attemps to contact her failed...

Describe how u contacted her
Y u couldnt show up
Suggest how u can arrrange for another appointment

Task 2

Some ppl think Fastfood industry has negative impact on health, eating habits n environment.. do u agree or disagree...

I will surely come up with my score when it arrives n perhaps, even more tips n strategies..
U will defntly nail it if u follo simons lessons .. I coulnt find anything better than this online, not even british council's road to ielts...!!

Hello simon

Your posts are a lot of help. Thank you.
Recently, I become to know that I am stuck in paraphrasing problem.
I often use same vocabulary repeatedly. I know this have bad influence on my score but it is difficult to come up with different expression.
How can I improve my paraphrasing ability?

Thanks Simon very much for the excellent essay as well as the summary of vocabulary band seven for us to study. It really helps us a lot.

Wish you a nice weekend

bc or idp??

Thank you very much Simon!

Thank you Simon for sharing the grate essay. I certainly sure I can achieve my goal in the near future. Have a lovely day in London :D

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