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March 06, 2016


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Hello there. Today i have had other parts of the test!!
I have to say that the listening and the reading tests are really similar to practice tests in Cambridge 10.
Task 1
it is a map and it is nearly same as the writing take 1 in Cambridge Official materials!!! if you want to see that diagrams, you can also find them on ielts-simon.com.
Task 2
Some people believe that the main purpose of schools is to turn children into good citizens and workers rather than to benefit them individually!
to what extent do you agree or disagree?


HELLO THERE. Today I have had a speaking test. I think i did quite well with a few mistakes!!! Hope i will get better score!
part 1
(Sorry for some changes to the structure of the questions because I cannot exactly remember them)
Where are you from?
Can you tell me your full name?
Do you like dancing?
Do you like watching sb who is dancing?
Did you work in a team project when you were at school?
Do you think it is important for children to make things by hand?
Are handmade things popular in your country?
What kind of handmade thing would you like to learn to make?
i will write part 2 question later.
thank you

I would like to learn but weak vacuobalary makes me down

The collocation is always very important:
Reduce pollution,
Cost of pollution
Have/face/experience difficulty
Increase/share/gain knowledge
Acquire/have experience

Hello Dear Simon,

Unfortunately,I cant Open the related links that you addressed for these collocations!Since this service is not available in my country.

@ Anahita
Try using proxy server.


Thanks a lot.

hii simon
i took ielts 2 times all the times i got 5.5.i did my practise under best tutor but still result is same. so, pls help me out to solve my problem because my english is good still i did not get good band i broken down completely. please help me

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