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March 17, 2016


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Hi Simon, I just want to ask you a question regarding this introduction. You have not mentioned about "average school day" in the introduction.Can you please enlighten us more about if we miss a bit in paraphrase.
With regards

Hi Simon,
Can we write this overview? is it right?

It is clear that playing computer games is slightly more popular than online chatting. it is also noticeable that boys tend to spend more time than girls on computer games, while the online chatting attracts more girls than boys.

Hi Bikram,

Yes, sometimes I choose to miss a small detail like that. On the other hand, I sometimes add information that isn't shown in the original question statement. For example, I was thinking about mentioning "boys and girls" in my introduction, although they aren't mentioned in the question. These are easy ways to make your introduction sentence different from the original.


Hi Dr. Ali,

Yes, it doesn't matter if you didn't choose the exact same 'main points' that I chose. The key is just to highlight a couple of main or general things that you can see.

Hi Simon
Could you tell me please, it's better when we describe this chart by comparison between genders or between activities?

Hi Simon,

Is it ok to use these phrases?

"The ___ chart/diagram compares and contrasts statistical data on the changes/difference in the amount/number of ..."

"An overview of the diagram shows that..."

Will examiners see these as memorized and unnatural?

The bar chart gives information about how much time students from 10 to 15 years of age spent on internet chat and games consoles in the UK.

It is clear that boys tended to play games consoles far more than chatting.While the percentage of two category was different, girls chatting was nowhere near as long as boys chatting for less than 1 hour a day.

although the percentage of girls chatting was almost as same as boys was, nearly 25%, the percentage of girls chatting between 1 and 3 hours, rose to just under 60% which was nearly 8% more than boys chatting during the same time. For 4 hours plus, girls chatting increased to 69% whereas boys chatting was 55%. The percentage of both gender chatting on the net stayed almost at 62%.

85% of boys spent more than 4 hours to play games consoles.Over 35% of girls played games consoles, which was almost 10% more than chatting through less than an hour for girls.All students played games consoles nearly 7% more than chatting.


Hello Simon. I am very happy today and I can not express my happiness with words as I got my IELTS results today. Thank you very much for informative website and helpful advice and tips.

My overall band is 7

listening 6,5
reading 8
writing 6
Speaking 7,5

I have regret that I did not notice your website earlier when it come to my writing!

I want to thank you specially to your speaking examples and advice that helped me a lot to get that score!

Here is my Facebook page. I would be happy to share my experiences and exchange ideas!
Best wishes



From an examiner's point of view, it doesn't matter how you divide the information, but I think it would be quicker and easier to do it by activity, as it is presented in the chart.


Although these phrases are technically correct, they seem 'over formal' to natives, especially the second one which could just be expressed with one word - 'overall'. Examiners are much more concerned with the content of the report, and if you waste words in these areas, you are not really doing your best to maximise your score.

Dear Simon,

I found your webpage recently and found it useful for studying.
Here's my idea. Can I use this intoroduction as well?


The bar chart illustrates the time spent on chatting online and playing conputar games on school day by 10 to 15 years old in the UK.

Hi Simon,

I recently took my ielts. The task 1 was a bar graph, It was about the types of transportation modes the tourists from different countries used.
I need some advice because I failed to include the word tourist in the subject of the sentences for example i wrote: the japanese or koreans preferred to travel via plane, instead of the writing the japanese tourist or the visitors from Japan etc. would it be a major markdown in my task 1? I'm really worried because i was not able to edit it due to time constraints.

Any way your website is really a huge help especially for the writing tasks.

Dear Simon and all students,

please take a look at one of my paragraphs and make comments. I was wondering if the following sentence is grammatically and coherently correct.

"Approximately 25% of both boys and girls chat on the internet for under an hour, while respectively around 25% and 35% of them spend an hour to three on the same activity. And fewer than 10% of children spend four hours or more. "

Hi simon,

Does games console similar to computer games?

Hi Simon. Here is my writing for this practice. Please give your feedback to it when you have spare time. I really appreciate for it. Thanks so much.

The bar chart illustrates how male and female teenagers aged from 10-15 in the UK spend different amounts of time chatting and playing console game per average school day. Overall, besides the similarities between boys and girls in spending less than three hours on chatting and games, girls tend to spend larger sum of time in chatting while boys would assign similar budget of time to play games. Moreover, it can be clearly seen from the chart that playing game is more popular than social network activity among both genders.

In less than three -hour category, there is bigger percentage of girls chatting than that of boys, roughly 61% and 52% respectively. By contrast, in similar category of time, male teenagers prefer to play games than females do, in fact, nearly 73% of boys compared to just 50% of girls. In addition, under more than four-hour category, while almost none of girls play games, just 1%, compared to 10% of boys do the same activity and girls instead use social chatting, 8% over 5% in boys.

Hi, Simon!

I am currently reviewing for my IELTs and I found your page really helpful! I am reading your posts every day for learning.

Dear Simon,

Can you please check at what band I am right now for my writing? Since I don't have anybody who can correct my writing. I am looking forward to your reply. thank you.

The chart compares the duration of chatting on the internet and playing on games consoles between boys and girls aged 10 to 15 on average school day in the UK.

It is clear that more children spent their time playing on games consoles than chatting on the internet in terms of overall duration.Playing on games consoles was preferred among boys than girls. By contrast, girls chose to chat on the internet more than boys.

The number of boys who chose to chat in the internet for less than one hour was about 25% and the same figure also shown for the girls. Surprisingly, around 35% girls used 1-3 hours of their time to chat on the internet, a higher number compared to nearly 25% boys who used the same amount of time to chat on the internet. The number of boys and girls used more than 4 hours of their time to chat on the internet was under 10%.

In terms of playing on games consoles, higher number of girls playing less than one hour shown in the chart (around 38%) compared to boys (30%). By contrast, 1-3 hours of playing was shown more on boys (almost 45%) compared to girls (around 14%). Under 10% of boys and girls playing on games consoles.

Hi Simon,

Can I write "10-15 years old" instead of "10 to 15-year-olds"? I understand it was considered as a noun due to the hyphen, but it is not familiar at all for me :(

Hi Simon, pardon me for my poor English, but I find the title and your introduction to be not suited for the bar chart. It seems like the percentage in the chart pertains to the population and not the time spent from activities. Well, it shows how much time they spent but I guess I just have a different interpretation of the chart.

Will it hit my score if I don't follow the title and use my own introduction?

Like for example,

The bar chart compares the percentage of boys and girls aged 10 to 15 years old engaged in two different activities, namely chatting on the internet and playing on games console, and the amount of time they spend on it during school days in the UK.

Kindly enlighten me. Thank you.

is it a good idea to write we can see instead of it can bee seen in the overview.


If you follow the way that the information is presented in the question, you should always be right. However, your interpretation is fine too.

have a good day Simon, just to bring it to your attention, computer games is slightly different concept than console games.

Hi Cavid,

Yes, I know. But for IELTS, that difference is not at all important. The meaning is similar enough for our purposes.

Hi, Simon and everyone
Can I write:

It id obvious that there were different preferences between boys and girls if we look into specific figures.

Thank you:)

The bar chart compare information about 10 to 15 years old in the UK spending their time on two activities

Dear simon
Is this format is right?

The information in this chart shows the time spent by youngest, who enjoy on the internet and games consoles , for a day at school. As overall trend , we can see clearly that playing games are obviously more popular than surfing the internet by students between 10 and 15 years old.

turning in the graph , it seem that under than three quarters schoolgirls spend signficantly time chatting on the internet , there are third of girls available online from 1 to 3 hour.Meanwhile, over than half young boys used the internet , it can seen obviously that half of boys who enjoy on the internet in the normal school day , surfing less than an hour .the chart shows that over than 80% of boys spend a lot of time playing on the games , in contrast half of girls enjoy on the toys games .there are nearly half boys play toys from 1 to 3 hour for day

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