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March 30, 2016


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Hi Simon, one of my friends told me that pete could help us check our essay and give some comments. He said it was really useful, but I don't know how to contact him. Would you mind to give me his email and I can contact him directly. Thank you so much.

Hi. Is it a good introduction?

It is true that businesses are a means of making money, but it is sometimes argued that they also have social duties. I completely agree with this view.

P1) about making money
P2) about social responsibility of businesses



When comes to this type of essay title, I always have limited ideas about the main body paragraph, this is seems like code of conduct, I would include fake products into my body paragraphs.

My introduction is:

As well as making profit, businesses should follow the rule of code of conduct, I agree with this opinion and will outline my views below.

Hi Simon, I am quiet disappointed! I can`t write easily!I havent ideas and when I try to brain storming I can continue to write a complete writing! I dont know what to do :(
Would you please help me?
Thank you so much.

Hi simon,is it ok for me to develop the article by saying I totally agree that business should take social responsibilities and then in the main paragrahps explaining what these responsibilities are and why they should shoulder them?
Thank you very much

Some people argue that,making money in the light of authories coud be acknowledged as an enthuiastic phenomenom.I completely agree with this point of view for a range of reason.

1 - encourage team working in the workplace
2 - provide information about their products to customers
3 - get feedback from customers ( type of communication)
4 - protect social values in their advertisements
5 - keep their products respectful for local customs and traditions

of course, i think business should assume their responsibilities as well as making money.

1- business as a role model of their own country, should take care of their products and advertisements.

2-business also deal with the unemployment problem, which is a good way to maintain safety of the country.

Dear Simon,

What does social responsibility mean?
Is making money a background sentence or can we write a paragraph about it? I find it difficult sometimes to differentiate if the sentence background or not and in the latter case we can write about it in our answer?


Costumer relations
Employee relations
Community relations

My introduction
It is true that the bussinesses are common around our developing world . But the matter is that it could be acceptable by the society .I agree with this statement

1.business should not harm the society, it should not lead the citizens to commit social evils

2. Business Should provide opportunities for the people around the field of business, so that, it can alleviate the problem of unemployment to some extent


Please someone help me to write this essay.

Some people believe that anyone can create art such as painting, poetry, music and so on. Others think that a person should have special abilities to create art. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


Dear Raveen,

People have different views about whether creating art is considered to be an innate ability for some, or anyone can learn it. While i understand the special ability of some people in art, I would argue that others can create it, because learning is equally important.

This question quite difficult for me in terms of ideas and vocabularies.
And I do not understand the question clearly.

Business companies should make a lot of money as well as take responsibilities for society. In my opinion, I totally agree with this statement, in this assay I will describe more about why I believe that all business companies should have social responsibilities.

There are several reasons why I think all businesses should take responsibilities for society.
- consume a lot of public energy and facilities than other community units
- possible to create pollutions to society
- they need support from people and communities,

Businesses can take responsibilities for society in many ways.
- pay high tax
- support community services as well as governments activities
- support and launch several good campaigns and interesting projects for enhance society ' )

It is sometimes argued that corporations should not only focus on making money but also contribute to the development of the community. Personally, I completely agree with the idea that both of the aspects are equally important and they are not in conflict with each other.

body paragraph 1:
business should make commitment to the society.
- failing to acknowledge the social responsibility is unethical and sometimes unlawful.
-for the sustainable development of the environment, as well as the wellbeing of others.
-example, punishment by regulations on heavy pollution industry, which could more financially jeopardize the company if they pursuit temporary financial gain.
-building positive reputation and strengthen the social bond.

body paragraph 2:
with the higher social responsibilities taken, the business could earn more money.
-more recognition of the society, more opportunities for the companies.
-example: Apple and Google, donations for schools and other programs, like offering study/employment opportunities for young graduates. potentially advertising the company and attracting more co-operations and investment.

Entrepreuners tend to acquire all those strategies which could help them to make more and more profit. I completely agree with the viewpiont that they should be looking after the environment, communities and societies as a whole side by side with making money.

Can any one help me please because I have a problem to understand this kind of questions (reading) which contain years and centuries.

By the mid-1980s = the period 1960-1985

These artworks represent culture ,heritage and history. They serve to educate people about city, act as landmarks or talking points for tourists and visitors. Governments and councils should pay creative artists to produce this kind of art. Question: canI use these kinds of art?

These artworks represent culture ,heritage and history. They serve to educate people about city, act as landmarks or talking points for tourists and visitors. Governments and councils should pay creative artists to produce this kind of art.
Question: canI use these kinds of art?
why does he use single form instant of plural form?


'Art' is an uncountable noun, so it is accompanied by a singular.

* Introduction
It is sometimes argued that cooperates' objectives are not only making profit but also contributing to the communities. While I agree that making money is crucial for all businesses, I do believe that social duties are equally important.

* Main Paragraph 1:
Several reasons why making money is important

* Main Paragraph 2:
Several reasons of social responsibilities

It is true that Businesses have a main aim of making money. However, I completely agree that they should be socially responsible to their society.

P.1 The reasons why they should have social responsibilities
- businesses are on every part of our life
- need a lot of recources to run businesses
- give a large impact to society

P.2 The advantages of doing social activities
- For the People
- For the Nature
- For The Company Itself


Hello, Mr Simon. I am new, so please correct me! I totally agree with this question.

As well as making money, businesses also have social responsibilities. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

p1 :why should they have such responsibilities:

they dominate the lives of people
some businesses are huge and need resources
help countries finance themselves

p2: what responsibilities should they have:

support the country's government at financing
help people have employments
advance the country's status further



I want to ask a question:
Some teachers told me that "in writing task 2, one of criterias for marking task 2 is (all my sentences have to be 15 to 25 words long)"
Is it true?
if in task 2 of ielts writing, I have two or three sentences below 15 words, will examiners reduce my score?

It took me a while to try this task. Thanks Simon for the help!

It is true that maximising profits is normally seen as the top priority of many corporations. While I accept that there might be some negatives for them to bear social responsibilities, I personally believe that they should play an active role in this area.

There are, I concede, two main reasons why businesses may not be appropriate for having social responsibilities. Firstly, and most obviously, it can harm their profitability. Enterprises depend on their revenues to survive, being competitive and for future development. When they engage in social activities, they might invariably have to mobilise resources such as personnel and funds, in turn the efficiency at work suffers. This, arguably, poses a threat to their potential turnover. Secondly, businesses are profitable organisations, and therefore they may abuse these responsibilities in the benefit of their self-interest. The McDonald’s, for example, helps governments create employment opportunities by expanding thousands of branches globally. However, the rising sales of fast food have also resulted in another worrying problem of obesity. In this sense, it would be wrong to expect corporates to take on social responsibilities.

Nevertheless, I feel that businesses should be responsible for social activities for several reasons. One is that they have a moral obligation to do that. By sharing such responsibilities, they literally make a contribution to the society, leading to returning the favour from governments during their initial establishment, but also a sense of fulfillment. Another compelling reason is that it can be conducive to raise the company’s profile. A good case in point is Novo Nordisk, which is a world-renowned pharmaceutical company because of its social commitments, as it has enthusiastically organised a host of community programmes of diabetes care. As such, it has received both extensive media coverage and wide acclaim among patients, which is why, ultimately, the company has successfully retained its position as market leader over the decades.

Overall, it is my view that, although there are reasonable arguments to the contrary, it would be even more productive for businesses to take on social responsibilities.

It is believed that business should not only be focusing on sales and profit, but should also be concerned with social responsibilities as well. I totally agree with the statement and the following essay will discuss in details about it.

A lot of business institutions are running their operating activities without paying attention to the local community or to the environmental issue. One of the examples would be palm plantation companies who keep on expanding their plants without paying attention to the ecosystem and biodiversity issues. The local ecosystem has become unbalance and some of the animals have lost their home due to the aggressive expansion. Another example would be industrial practitioners which produce harmful gas which contribute to the global warming. Some of these companies never measure these kinds of issues and just focus on their profitability.

Business people should not only focus on making money as they must give attention to social responsibilities as well. For instance, mining companies should also make a precise and accurate measurement regarding to their drilling plan. They must ensure that their drilling activities would not cause any spoil or leakage that might threat the local environment. These companies should also be considering in hiring the local or native people as well, to improve their economy as well. By having a balance business and social responsibilities plan, these companies have also helped the government in conserving the environments and improve the life of the local people.

In conclusion, I strongly agree that instead of focusing on profits, business people should also be concerned with social responsibilities. Having a proportionate business plan that focus on income and social responsibilities would help the government in maintaining the environment and improve the life of many people.

Dear Simon
Please if is it possible give me feedback:

Topic:Both revenue and responsibility for society should be considered.
Opinion:I do agree

huge number of reasons for notice to earning money:
1.Alive organization
2.Balance cost and benefit
3.Compete with other companies

several reasons that confirm responsible for society:
1.Interaction with government and customers
2.Role of stack holders
3.produce correspond requirements

Agree that making money as same as playing effective role in society for businesses is essential.

Well, the easiest idea comes across my mind when I first hear the question is to write and develop the essay in a positive way, business owner need to have social responsibility. This is because the public media has repeatedly addressed the issue for the past few years, and therefore it somehow become a common thinking for many people regardless of its precision. Besides, we can link this with environmental topics we have learned in other tests to make it easier.

Obesity is now a major global epidemic. What can done to tackle this increasingly common problem?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.
Write at least 250 words

Obesity is more and more important phenomena in the cross world. It becomes an outstanding problem in particular in the developed countries. This issue brings out on the table to be sort out by both individual and society. In my opinion, in order to solve this serious problem, the persons of overweight should realise the sequencing damages to the bodies, and community should take a few necessary measures to prevent, help and reduce the further epidemic.

Individual as a member of the society should fully understand the causes, risk factors, and the results of obesity, although the complete principals for the overweight are to be clearly more. According to the views of the medical society, the most common knowledges regarding the obesity are the complex and multiple factors to cause overweight such as the genetic factor, eating too much and lack of necessary physical exercise, making unbalance of the body metabolism that means stored energy more than burned one which body should carry on. As the results of obesity, many life-threated diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes may happen. Thus, people of obesity should take regular visiting doctor on schedule, reducing take up food and increasing physical activities. These measures would be the high efficiencies to prevent and decrease epidemic of overweight.

Furthermore, the whole society, especially the government and medical care professional staff, has a responsibility for fighting out the epidemic obesity. The most impact factor is to educate every member of society to take necessary actions to beat the obesity down. For example, there is established special data per year to run a whole community educational acts through television, radio, newspaper, and flyer in anywhere, everywhere to wake up every member of our society to know and act on obesity. The necessary medical facilities and medical workers should be enhanced by grants of government for winning this war to fight its epidemic.

In summary, obesity becomes an important society issue due to its epidemic in the worldwide, causing hurt of people health and overload of society burdens. We must tackle this problem right now for preventing and reducing the events of obesity from different approaches either each person or whole community by educating, increasing medical support, and funds.

Hi Simon,

I wonder are there any differences between "To what extent do you agree or disagree" and "Do you agree or disagree"

My teacher said that for the first question, we can give a strong opinion (totally agree or disagree) or even a balanced essay. However, with the second, the question requires the writer to state a strong opinion, and if a balanced essay is written, Task Response mark can be hurted.
Is that right?
Thanks in advance

Hi Simon!

This is my first time posting here.
Thank you for lots of IELTS advices!

My Introduction would be:
For most business administrations, making profits is the priority objective without doubt. Apart from that, it is also crucial that companies take their responsibilities. In my opinion, due to the fact that businesses have gained a great amount of benifits from the society, economically and environmentally, it is definite that they are responsible for the social benifits.

It would be nice if there are some comments telling me what to improve.
Thank you :)

Dear simon, I have small doubt about your essay.in introduction you said that businesses should contribute more for society than simply make money.In conclusion you say businesses should give equal importance for both.what i undestood is that.is it possible.

Hey simon, i wonder if this kind of structure is true for this type of essay.

Int= Answer + why i agree with two main reason.

P1) First reason
P2) Second reason

Conc. Paraphrase of my answer?

Please let me know. Thank you.

It is argued that besides making money businesses nowadays have more social responsibilities than ever before. For many reasons I agree with this argument and I believe that this responsibility would be more obvious in the next few years .
It is true that getting profits is the main aim of any business around the world . In fact , profits are used to pay salaries and maintain running businesses .Moreover , they are used to develop new projects and to extend existing small companies . British petroleum company, for example, used its profits to extend its activity in many countries around the world . it would not be a huge company if it had not had used its profits in such way .This demonstrates the importance of making money for businesses .
On the other hand , businesses have some social responsibilities in the community . The first and foremost is that it provides the community with large number of jobs and training programs . In addition ,the high taxes payed by large companies are used to support public services and many government activity. Furthermore ,some companies support poor people and fund many small projects .For example , most of profits of the phone company in my country are used to fund such projects and to support arts .This shows that businesses are truly taking various social responsibilities .

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