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March 18, 2016


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Thanks Simon. That was a great video with lots of useful collocations and very well explained.

Thank you very much, Simon. I admire your work and usually follow your videos everyday.

hi Simon,
thanks for your excellent video lessons!

Hi Simon,

it is very useful, and I really thank you for your video.


I'm glad you like the video :)

what i am going to see ?

Hi guys

I got 6.5 in ILETS speaking,but would like to practice with someone on Skype and bring my score up to 7...

If any one is interested in having long conversations on Skype add me


Thanks Simon

Hi Simon,

Is it possible to have an activity that's both a sport and a game?

For example, can we consider competitive swimming be a game? In this case, is it OK if we just prepare one topic for the test?

Thank you

Hi .. .
I wonder why i am unable to download the attatched sheet under this video ..

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