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March 31, 2016


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Km 31, QL 5A, xã Dị Sử, huyện Mĩ Hào

Hi Simon, it showed "playlist not found". anything went wrong?

I can't see your latest video even though I've paid for it.
It says "Playlist not found." Please fix it.

Sorry about that, it's because of the design change. You'll need to log off and reopen the site in a new page, then sign in again. It should work if you do this.


I'm afraid I can't address the problem even after following your instruction...


Please try emptying your web browser's caches and restart it to see if it works.

Good luck!

James Z,
I tried it, but failed. Other videos such as lesson 7 or 6 are all fine. I cant see only the the latest video...

Hi auau,

Could you please try to give a little description of the kind of problem you have? I clicked all the 'view' and 'purchase' buttons on the new page and found them working fine. I'm using a Mac OS X and safari, by the way, but I assume that won't make a real difference.

Sorry you're still having problems auau. I'm travelling at the moment, but I'll check the system again later.

Thanks! I hope that the problem will be solved.

James Z,
I'm using mainly Windows7 and Google Chrome. I also tried another method (Android or Internet Explorer), but it didn't work.
My log-in ID is email address.

Hi auau,

Same problem happened to me. I am using a Mac OS X 10.11.4 and Google Chrome/Safari.

All the previous lessons work well, but for lesson 8 it keep showing "playlist not found".

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Hi Simon, it showed "playlist not found". anything went wrong?

please, fix the problem of speaking lesson 8. It doesn't work.


Really sorry about this "playlist not found" problem. Even I'm having this problem now!

I'm waiting for a reply from my website provider. I'm sure everything will work properly soon.

Thanks for your patience.


The problem has been fixed, and the new video works for me now. Let me know if it works for you.

Sorry about that!

The problem has been resolved, and I can watch the video. Thank you for your effort, Simon!

Great, thanks for confirming auau.

We know what went wrong, so it shouldn't happen again.

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